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Dodgers Will Not Receive An Apology From the Astros

If you were not able to tune in to the Astros press conference to issue their official apology, oh boy did you miss out. Houston’s ownership came out to apologize but essentially defended their team and decisions for their role in the cheating scandal. More importantly, Jim Crane emphasized that the Dodgers will not be getting an apology.

The Astros took down the Dodgers in seven games during that 2017 World Series. Yet Crane seems to think that victory does not warrant an apology. Even worse than that, he does not believe that their cheating led to the Astros winning the World Series.

Our opinion is this did not impact the game

How electronically stealing signs would not change the game is beyond me. But Crane was not the one who felt there was no need to make any personal apologies. Former Dodgers outfielder Josh Reddick said that he would not be issuing apologies to any former teammates. His response to why he would not may upset fans even more.

“I just don’t think it’s necessary”- Josh Reddick when asked whether he would be contacting former teammates to apologize

The Astros somehow managed to take a bad situation and almost make it worse with this press conference. Instead of heartfelt sincere apologies for their mistakes, we got players and executives getting defensive and choosing to try to justify their own actions.

More to come on the Astros and their apology tour today from Spring Traning camps.




    1. Exactly. Cheat and lie in plain sight and then deny it all. Welcome to life in the new Dictatorship of America.

      1. I already have lost all respect for that Astros team because EVERYONE knows they cheated. But eventually they will have to face final judgement from the Creator of heaven and Earth. And as far as ‘wearing some pitches, I see that happening at the outset a lot, as per what Clevenger alluded to a few weeks ago. The big problem is what will take place and the Astro hitters will get hit and or knocked down a few times. The ensuing problem with that is the umpires may deem all this as intentional as a result of this cheating scandal and will warn the opposing teams and then kick the opposing pitcher and manager out of games for doing that. what a mess.

    1. EXACTLY!………..Because that ball WILL be “comin’ at ’em”. The Dodgers will NOT put up with this. I give huge props to Justin Turner for leading the team with his Twitter rant the other day.

  1. I sincerely wish that the Astros be stripped of the 2017 title if they can’t be “real men” enough to apologize. It’s not the Dodgers fault that the Astros are liars and cheats!! We all knew that every Astro players and management sucked! I mean seriously you got to cheat to win. They did it knowingly and in my mind they will forever suck!!

  2. The Dodgers don’t need an apology. We didn’t hit consistently that WS. Just got to play better. No excuses.

    1. I agree they don’t need to apologize to the Dodgers or the Yankees or any specific team. But it sure would be nice if they actually were remorseful for what they did to the game. They aren’t.

    2. I’m with you RC! The bottom line is that the Astros beat the Dodgers 2 out of 3 games in LA straight up. No excuses. Dodgers didnt closeout game 2 and that was the turning point. Redsox also beat the Dodgers 2 out of 3 in LA straight up in 2018. No excuses. Dodgers need to get it done in 2020 and all will be forgotten.

      1. Really dude… Do you remember game 5? The dodgers kept going on top and for some strange reason . The Astros kept coming back, “for some strange reason”… There were some players that did not perform well that ws. But that dodgers tram was better than the Astros.. Wtfoh with that BS. Cheatimgis cheatimg.. Fk the Astros.

  3. To quote the line from FIELD OF DREAMS. Look out for the one in your ear. Where is Don Drysdale when we need him.

    Such arrogance there is no way I believe that the owner knew nothing of the sign stealing . He fired the mgr and GM to save face and CYA.

    1. You’re an idiot tell me what dictatorship characteristics Obama displayed. You don’t have to like the job he did but to try to say he acted like a dictator is false nothing he did was like that and he conducted himself in a professional manner and had respect for people and didn’t attack them like an 8th grader his speeches were presidential and inspiring trumps are idiotic immature and not very intelligent.

  4. It is ridiculous to expect the Astros to “apologize” for what they did. It worked. They won the World Series and the Commissioner let them keep it. The only thing they are sorry about is they got caught. Meanwhile, as long as their owner sets the standard for denying responsibility, they don’t have to either. The only real response is for the Dodgers to sweep the Astros in October and celebrate on Enron Field, (that old name seems prescient in retrospect).

      1. Rainbirdmuse has a point. They won the WS nand got to keep it. The Astros sacrificed the GM and manager to seem contrite and paid a fine. They kept the title and no players have been fined. They are sorry they got caught is all.

    1. Unfortunately there were many teams cheating in 2017 and 2018. Not just Astros and Red Sox. Too many comments from players have come out. MLB and media have decided not to pursue the rumors. Do you think Beltrán just started cheating in 2017 and only one year? Lots of hypocrisy out there.

      1. Well there’s conjecture and then there’s fact. Would anyone be surprised to hear about another team cheating? Not at all but until it’s fact it’s irrelevant. The ‘stros can’t use that as an excuse for what they did. They cheated and got caught. Now it’s time to pay.

  5. This is actually to be expected given the potential legal liability in Civil Court. This is corporate circle the wagons & deny, deny, deny…right now doesn’t it make sense their only defense would be disputing alleged damages? They’ve been caught dirty by the league (the parent corporation) soooo, they’re screwed in many ways. It is going actually going to be interesting to see even fans file civil suits against MLB and the offending franchises. MLB would still seem liable as the parent corporation with teams operating as franchises under that umbrella? I really don’t know just using WAG thanks to TV teaching us all how t9 be attorneys…. hahaha

  6. How about replacing the MLB commissioner. I’m sure there are some MLB team owners that are not happy with the way Commissioner Manfred handled the Astros. Which was very light handed.

  7. .I do not believe for one second that the Astros are genuinely remorseful about cheating. They are remorseful about being caught. So, if they were to apologize to the Dodgers it would have no meaning. They played dirty and have a world series championship to show for it. Still, there is some small consolation in knowing that these players will have to face the “court of public opinion” every time they step up to bat or take to the field. Baseball fans will hold these players accountable which I am sure the players will hear loud and clear. Only then will the Astros reflect about whether or not the loss of team reputation and personal integrity was worth it.

    1. Since Manfredo has given players carte blanche to cheat with total immunity, the Asstros players think they can thumb their noses at everyone.
      Opposing pitchers that they robbed may feel differently when the season starts. Let the chin music begin.

    2. Not one active player has been hit with any penalty. Why is that exactly? A pitcher did apologize.

  8. The owner of the Astros totally undid all the good he did when he fired the Manager and the GM, by not admitting that it was cheating. That was just wrong.

    Here is what he, and the team, should do. Call a press conference and tell the public that the Astros have informed the commissioners office that they would vacate the 2017 World Series Title. That they would remove all mention of WS champions at the stadium and in all PR material and would no longer consider themselves 2017 World Series champions. Likewise, if the players are really sorry and remorseful, they would volunteer to return the difference ($179,179.00) of what they received over what the Dodgers received for “losing” the WS. And I mean return the money; If they were allowed to donate the amount, instead of returning it to the league, they would benefit from the donation on their taxes. This has to hurt them as much a possible. Besides damaging the integrity of the sport, they have to realize that what they did effected people’s careers and the only way to do that is give it all back.

    Doing this would be truly taking responsibility, not just mouthing the words.

  9. By apologizing he’d be admitting some guilt. He won’t do that apparently So that leaves one guy who thinks the Astros are innocent..

  10. With thousands of clients spending million$ to travel to games, Pantone 294 has the absolute best case in a civil lawsuit. In a settlement with the league, they could get the championship vacated…

  11. I’d like to join the conversation so I’m trying to post something but I keep getting a notice that I’ve already posted it but it doesn’t show up.

  12. To those of you that think the astros do not need to apologize! Get a clue, they affected the lives of all the people that work doing the background work for the Dodgers, the fans that paid money to see games they thought were being played fair! Pitchers around the league were affected greatly! Kershaw might have gotten rid of that jinx he supposedly has, Bolsinger might still be pitching in baseball instead of not playing mlb anymore, etc. To those of you that think Obama was a dictator! You evidently do not value your freedom! The certain people in the senate that voted not to remove this dictator! You now get to live under a true dictator that is kissy kiss with the other dictators of the world! Hope you like your lawless friend!

    1. Look below at the clueless Jim Rochford totally bought in to every conspiracy that was made up about Obama by Fox and whoever else the thing is there was no facts to back them up like there was with this current president but Drumpf has the whole party on his strings. They’re all weak and scared of something that is dictator-like. Almost every day of his presidency he has displayed dictator-like traits

  13. Blue Bob, Obama was not a dictator, just a lazy president that did nothing in office compared to the current president. He weakened the military and created the Obamacare mess. Got himself rich so that his wife could finally feel like an American. The obviously missed the purpose of the gift and opportunity they had. I agree the Astros need to apologize sincerely though.

    1. “Finally feel like an American” you want to act like others are making stuff up yet you bought into the conspiracy of the Obama’s not being American hook line and sinker. I can tell you watch Fox all day and think it’s any more reliable than the other politically ran channels

  14. Sorry liberals, your impeachment backfired. Blah ha ha….. what’s worse the snowflakes attacking the president or the Astros pathetic cheating and attempts at apologizing??? Seem like gutter ball tactics either way. Can’t win fair and square? Steal signs and impeach. Blah ha ha…. what a world.

    1. Typical hateful trumptard and uninformed at that. You somehow compare the Houston thing with Democrats when it clearly reflects Trump and the senate

      1. Not replying directly to you; though I support Trump 100%. This is a baseball site, not a political discourse. Chin music is going to be up significantly. But only at Astro games. The other games will be down. So the balance is still up. Hope Bregman hits .220. Altuve admits guilt and moves on. Verlander has a 4.50 ERA. And a 70-92 won loss record for the team.

        1. I SO agree with you, Wayne. This is NOT a site for political discourse. I also support Trump 100%, and am very happy to say so. However, politics in no way impacts my baseball savy LOL
          I think they Astros SHOULD be made to vacate the 2017 WS AND hand back their shiny trophy and ALL of those fancy rings! Then I would LOVE to see them pay back all of their WS “earnings”.
          When you think about it, in the long run, it is the FANS who have been hurt the most. Valiant supporters of the Game….and this is what they get! I like the Idea of Pantone 294 filing a civil suit against the Astros.
          I say bring on the “chin music”. Don Drysdale is always with the team in spirit…..Gonna need a little bit of that this year, for sure!

        2. Wayne I bet you’d have no problem if someone brought up politics if they were in support of Mr Bankruptcy the twitter troll. I’ve seen it happen before and no one complained, there seems to only be complaints about political discussion when it’s against the 70 year old with a spray tan who has the maturity and respect of an 8th grader

  15. If you do not like politics on this site stop talking about it. I talked about it because others were talking bad about certain politicians. Those that back the big bad wolf that is destroying this country! He is eating your soul one bite at a time! Now that is said and I can be positive and talk about our Dodgers! Dodgers will win world series this year! Beat the Yankees in 6 games! Cody and Mookie co-mvp’s regular season! Kershaw Cy Young regular season! Kershaw mvp of world series! Go Blue!

  16. The Dodgers are the biggest crybabies when they win and the biggest braggarts when they win than any team in MLB. Everybody knows that the Dodgers cheat more than any other team. How else did three straight rookies hit walk-off HRs, get five consecutive walk-offs, go 40-8 and 52-9 with the players they have? They just are not a 100-win team without cheating.

    Every player they acquire all of a sudden turns into gold and every player they jettison reverts to their norm. Dodgers cheat. Fact. Their crying because they lost doesn’t really impress me. And they never got cheated out of a WS ring. The Astros cheated everybody, so the whole complexion of the playoffs that year would have changed.

    Unfortunately, their cheating will eventually lead to a WS victory and then we’ll have to endure their incessant bragging and denial that they cheated to get there. The only thing worse than a poor loser is a poor winner.

    1. Your baseless accusations would mean that they are the biggest cheaters in the game yet haven’t won a World Series somehow? Doesn’t add up Stevey. You seem like a salty NL west fan who’s upset that the Dodgers beat you every year

  17. Baseball is the one game i look to for getting away from all the crap in the world. Who ever is talking about politics here should grab a bat with an Astro’s hat on so I can throw at them. Come on you douche bags talk baseball or go put your tights on and watch football.

  18. …me thinks that being a dodger fan represents dodging the truth that your team wasn’t quite good enough to win in ’17 or ’18. And then they lost to the wild card team last season ? Perhaps your new right fielder comes with an * coming from a team still under investigation. Yup…

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