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Dodgers: Will Smith Extends History with Home Run

After the Dodgers had back-to-back games with a walk-off home run from a rookie, they made baseball history. It was something that had never been done before, and likely something that couldn’t be topped… Until the next day.

Rookie catcher Will Smith, who was just added to the roster today, was called on to pinch-hit with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning of a tie game.

Rockies’ reliever Scott Oberg threw him a slider in the dirt for ball one. On the second pitch, Oberg went back to the slider but left it over the middle of the plate. Smith swung, hit it to right-center field, and the ball carried until it was gone.

It was a different game that had the same outcome as the two before it: a walk-off home run by a rookie.

The Dodgers now have three straight games with a walk-off home run by a rookie, which extends their MLB record.

The streak will come to an end at three games as they start a seven-game road trip tomorrow.

Blake Williams

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  1. Smith is going to make it hard to justify his being sent back down this year. He has 10 days right now and I get a feeling he will get at least 1 start, maybe 2. If he fares well, I would keep him around longer. We actually have an interesting scenario developing with Barnes’ lack of hitting and Martin showing a couple defensive lapses today. With a 13 game lead, we can get him into a lot of games between now and July 31. I say roll the dice. He is the future anyway; why not give him a solid look? 10 starts between now and then! Then we could dangle Barnes or Martin at the trade deadline.

  2. Smith is going to be the catcher next year, so give him time to learn all he can from Martin. Barnes’ days at a starting catcher end with this season.

  3. We already have a really great team, but these past several days was a glimpse into our Dodgers’ (very near) future. And its looking good….real good….3 consecutive days of walk-off home runs by rookies! Unbelievable!

  4. If you look at from another angle, the bullpen was responsible for the two walk offs Saturday and Sunday. We need a power consistent left hand reliever to work in tandem with KJ to close out games. Mr. Friedman,are you listening?

    1. And still another angle……..You could find something to complain about after you hit a 30 million lotto ticket.

      Dodgers are on pace for 111 wins this season . This weekends sweep was marvelous.

  5. As a former Dodgers season ticket holder from back in the 1980’s, I moved out of state in 1995. However, I am still a huge Dodger fan. I have been buying the MLB.TV package to watch all the Dodger games. My biggest grip is simply living on the east coast (Northeast Florida), the games at home don’t start until 10:10PM here so I usually watch the home games or highlights the next day. When the Dodgers went to Tampa May 21 and May 22 this year, My wife and I drove four hours and attended those games literally sitting 6 rows behind the Dodgers dugout. It was amazing! I would say nearly 1/2 the stadium was filled with Dodgers fans.

    So I had knee replacement surgery last December and have had complications from it that have put me in not so great of a mood with my reduced mobility and increased pain. I just want to Thank all the Dodgers this year for what they have accomplished so far! This team is absolutely amazing. Watching the last 3 games has been such a high for me. These walkoffs have got me so happy and so excited and put me in such a good mood. Props to management and all the players for this magical season that looks like it will end in a World Series for the Dodgers.

    Thank you!

    Scott S.

    1. Scott, just get better, continue to watch Dodger baseball, and think positively. My wife had both hips replaced on the same day a few years ago. It took time, but she is slowly recovering. Now, if I could only convince her to be an ardent Dodger supporter like her husband. Dodger victories are conducive to getting better!!!! Go Blue!!!

  6. I have looked at the replay of the Smith homer a few times. It appears he was jammed a bit and was a tad late as well, and still muscled it over the wall semi-opposite field. I mean, that is very impressive to do period and to do it in that situation? Looking at it at first i thought no way that is going out. Unreal!!

  7. Let me now ask this question of anyone who may be here:
    Now that Dodgers saw Will Smith, having just been called back up here hit the 3rd straight walk off HR to win yesterday’s game does anyone think Dodgers would have enough ‘nerve’ to send Smith back down to OKC once Freese gets back? I know we need Freese for sure but there are other roster moves IMHO that should be made instead of returning Will to OKC.

    1. Azul, that was quite a weekend of Dodger baseball. If anyone in the FO suggests that Will Smith be sent down when Pollock returns to the big club, I will lead the protest at Dodger Stadium. And I will bring PD Jr. to show support for our cause. With Smith in the lineup, our 1 thru 8 hitters are superior to all the other teams; our starting pitching is fantastic; and with the addition of a quality relief pitcher, we are WS bound. Frankly, I just hope the team is not peaking too soon. What a problem to have!!! Go Blue!!!

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