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Dodgers: Will Smith Talks About LA Succeeding Through Rash of Injuries

It’s pretty incredible that the Dodgers have been able to keep pace in the NL West. With the number of injuries to star players and role players, very few expected them to be at 41 wins at this point in the season. 

Heading into Friday night in Arizona, the Dodgers are still just 2.5 games out of first place. The Giants are playing ridiculous baseball, but that hasn’t stooped Los Angeles from hanging right there with them. 

Dodgers catcher Will Smith is one of the few guys that has been able to avoid any injuries in 2021. He recently talked about the struggle of keeping guys healthy, but also that the depth in the organization keeps them in the hunt. 

Injuries have definitely hurt us this year. It has not been ideal with everyone going down at some point. But it speaks to the depth we have as a team, as an organization. … We’re still competitive, which is great. As an offense, everybody does their part and we score runs.

No one pictured Luke Raley, Sheldon Neuse, or Andy Burns getting regular at-bats at any point in the season. But the Dodgers have had to turn to those guys with injuries to Cody Bellinger, Max Muncy, and Mookie Betts at times. 

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Right now, both Bellinger and Muncy are on the injured list. But there is no reason to believe that the Dodgers can’t keep pace. Especially after bringing on guys like Albert Pujols to come off of the bench. Did the NL West miss their opportunity to run away with the division? 

It seems very likely. 

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  1. There may have been a huge amount of injuries so far but even without those this offense is too inconsistent this year because of a lineup that often sees players struggle against LHP and seeing that Dodgers may score a bundle one game and can’t score really at all the very next game. It’s been this way all year. It also doesn’t help with Roberts willingness to play with a short bench.

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