Dodgers: Will Trea Turner Be LA’s Next $300 Million Player?

Trea Turner did a little bit of everything in his first game in the Dodgers starting lineup since he was acquired by LA at the deadline. We discuss Turner’s instant impact on LA’s offense and why the Dodgers should commit to him long-term. Next, we break down what makes Turner an elite player and discuss if he’s worth a contract north of $300 million. Plus, will LA consider signing both Seager and Turner to long-term deals?


Right off the bat, Turner has been a game changer. The speedster has been a catalyst at the top of the lineup for the Dodgers with LA winning both games he’s started. His defense has also immediately been elite to boot. But the elephant in the room comes with Turner, a natural shortstop, and the incumbent, long-time Dodger Corey Seager.

While Corey can be a game changer in his own right, he’s also struggled to stay on the field since his second full season in the big leagues. He missed most of the 2018 season after undergoing elbow and hip operations and missed parts of 2019 with hamstring issues. 

In his fully healthy 2020 campaign, Seager was one of the top offensive players in the game. And he became a household name after putting up MVP-caliber numbers in the NL championship series and World Series last year.

Corey’s a free agent after this season and Trea has another season of team control. Despite the injuries, Seags is likely still going to command a pretty penny on the open market.

Who would you like to see at shortstop in 2022 and beyond? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Turner is the better SS…Seager needs to play 3rd, which he does not want to…and Turner, prefers the East Coast….so chances are(I wear a silly grin) we could wind up without either….and Lux is our SS….

      1. Well, Dodger Brass has shown not afraid to spend money…so should be interesting to see what happens….when you have a young home grown team, full stars, at some time they want to get paid….and having to deal with that selling off for prospects is something Pres of Cubs could not make himself do…lelt’s see how we handle it….losing Joc and Kiki was tough…and both seem to be doing ok….

  2. Whether they sign either, MLB needs a salary cap.
    LA has superior advantage 90 percent of baseball does not have
    Plus, a salary cap can tell the Scot Bora’s types to stick it up their asses.

    1. Robby, the way Dodgers have played inconsistently at points this year and the way Roberts manages in game and the pitching, payroll or not, Dodgers don’t have any real advantage. And the injuries also play a part.

    2. Yes! MLB does need a salary cap, or something better than what’s in place now.
      Switching gears, Trea Turner, at least the way he played in Washington (let’s hope that starts to show here) is one of the top 10 players in the game. He’s a natural SS and needs to return to the position. While I don’t want to see Seager leave, it needs to happen. Paying him the kind of money and inking him to the number of years some team will give him would not behoove us.

    3. Not having a salary cap doesn’t seem to hurt the Rays or the A’s. To complain about the salary cap is a crutch for bad management. Every small market team gets subsidized by those that spend money on players, spend that money on your own players and quit complaining.

  3. Woah, let’s see how Turner does in the next year and a half before we name him an all time Dodger great. I would suspect that we are very likely to lose Seager to free agency, because the Dodgers are not likely to commit the really big money to someone who is injury prone and not likely to stick at SS long term. (lotta likelies in there) TTurn could choose to go back East, but the same FA whisperers were saying that Trout was going East and Harper was going West and neither of those happened. If the Dodgers were to win again either this year or the next and then throw big money at TTurn he might just stay. That said, even the Dodgers would be challenged to afford two $300M salaries. Plus you got some guys coming into paydays (Buehler, Urias, Bellinger,) in the next two or three years. Nothing happens in a vacuum. A big payday for TTurn would affect other potential contracts.

    1. I agree the Dodgers are unlikely to give a long term contract to Seager for the reasons you state. I suspect they will try and lock up TT after this season, assuming all goes well. He fits the team far better, IMO, for several reasons including defense at SS, and his dynamic speed game. No way they sign both, I rather they resign Taylor than Seager, Taylor is not going to need 200M+, and is just as good a player, and seems far more durable. Letting Bellinger walk is a no-brainer, his inconsistency makes him non-elite, that swing is not going to age well, and he is a complete liability in the post season where in 200 ABs over 11 series he is slashing .189BA, .262 OB%, .631 OPS, yikes, his .143 BA against Houston [17Ks in 29ABs], and .063 against Boston cost them 2 World Series [I know putting that on one person is unfair, but anyone who remembers those series and how many runners he left on base can relate].

      1. That production is on D Rob. Robbed the Dodgers of 2 series, in more ways than just how he used Bell.

  4. There is no elephant in the room, except money. Seager at short, TT at second, and Lux on another team works fine. If Seager can’t be resigned due to the Boras factor, or salary cap issues, TT should stay at second, and CT3 should be the shortstop.

      1. You could swap those two between SS and 2B. But I think CT3 has the better arm deep in the SS 3B hole. TT ‘s defense would shine just as well at 2B.

      2. CT3 is also a free agent after this season and he will be looking for his only big pay day.

  5. Just curious as to what happens with Bauer’s salary if he is unable to return to the Dodgers. Gotta say that the Giants are doing just fine with a payroll approximately 1/2 that of the Dodgers. Dodgers should never have let Faidi leave. They also have a manager who knows how to manage the club

  6. good news is we win the World Series this year and see where the chips fall AFTER the season. But with Corey, CT3, Kersh and others in contract years now, we are not bringing them all back for 2022. Having said that, if Corey doesn’t resign with the Dodgers then Trea moves back to SS. and there you have it, the return of my favorite, all-time Dodger, Maury Wills leading off and playing SS for the Dodgers!! 2nd base goes to Lux or a minor leaguer, or perhaps even Betts if he needs to keep those hips healthy for another 5 years. Up the middle D with Betts and Turner would be the best for the Dodgers since 2004, with Izturis and Cora. Dodgers built for pitching and defense that wins Championships. Oh and Cody is not getting a raise after this horrible season unless he continues hitting HRs every game!

  7. I would not be surprised to see Cody traded this off season..as in the record industry a lot of one hit wonders and one trick ponys
    Maybe get some really good prospects like the haul we got for Puig and “The Beast”

    1. why would they trade Cody when his value is at the lowest? Cody just needs a full offseason to get the swing dialed in and a fully healthy shoulder.

  8. LA really values a player’s versatility. Corey Seager is a shortstop. He refuses to play anywhere else. Just about any non-pitcher on the team will play elsewhere when asked. Will Smith and Austin Barnes will play the infield. Mookie Betts will play 2nd base. Chris Taylor, Max Muncy, Gavin Lux, Matt Beatty and Cody Bellinger will play all over. Justin Turner would move elsewhere, if asked. Tio Albert, maybe not able to go elsewhere. Trea Turner and Corey Seager match up very well offensively. Corey hits a few more homers and doubles; Trea hits more triples and has more stolen bases. Trea is more valuable defensively. I say sign Trea Turner to a long-term extension–and not wait until after the end of the 2022 season.

  9. What I saw on Sunday was another player like Betts. Trea Turner was great. He steals bases he can hit just fun to watch. I can’t believe the Dodgers have him now. And yes he is worth 300 million to me and then some. He turns the game on to high-speed motion

  10. The Dodgers will find their ways to keep T.Turner in the Dodgers uniform long term.
    Let S.Seager walk and trade Cody Bellinger.
    Clayton Kershaw will be back with the Dodgers. Price and K.J.will be gone in 2020.
    Keep CT3 and AJ.Pollard

    1. Price has another year left after this one. And it’s A.J. Pollock.

      I agree 100% that Jansen needs to walk. His numbers don’t give the whole picture of how he has been shaky and unpredictable.

      Taylor must stay. I would rather them re-sign him than Seager, although I have always really liked Seager. He is going to age worse than most players.

  11. Agree Jansen needs to walk..he is too erratic to be a top closer. He’s closer to a mop up man (for much less $$$$)

  12. Beginning in 2017 through today, Trea Turner has played in 540 games. Seager has played in 402 games. Almost an extra season of games in 4 and 1/2 years. The most important ability is availability. Contracts ending this season: kershaw $30 million, Jansen $20 million, seager $13 million, bellinger $16 million ( arbitration), Kelly $8 million and, maybe, Bauer $40 million. Total $122 million if none return next year. Following year Price $16 million, Justin Turner $16 million.

  13. People the problem here is Corey is a great player but not a 300 million contract player. But when u have the Yankees and probably the giants going after him, that will drive his price close too 300 million. Turner on the other hand is a 300 million player. If Seager is willing to sign for let’s 230 to 240. Then the dodgers should resign him.

  14. Let Seager go and sign Crawford from the Dodgers who is a stud defensive player and keep trea at 2nd…..Crawford is crushing the ball as well….For far less money dodgers would get the same results…

  15. Anybody who says that the Dodgers shouldn’t get too starry-eyed about T. Turner just based upon how he’s performed in a few games for the ballclub, hasn’t been paying attention to him, his entire career.
    Turner has a proven track record and was having a fantastic year for the Nats before the Dodgers acquired him.
    He is the real deal, he’s in his prime and he’s a career .300 hitter with a slugging % just under .500 with almost 200 SB’s. Plus he’s already won a ring with the Nats.
    Dodgers should do everything they can and then some to lock him in to a longer term contract.

  16. Seager is too injury prone plus Boros will ask for big money. Better option is Turner who brings speed and better defense. IMO, Seager can’t stay at SS, long term.

    1. agree 100%. I can’t think of one thing Corey is better than Trea. and longevity, and health is worth a ton when you are talking $300M contract. Sign Trea to play SS and hope Corey takes a smaller contract to play 3rd

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