Dodgers: Will We Have Baseball in 2020 or Will They Blow It? Plus the Astros Get Trashed Again

David Price has yet to toe the rubber for the “Boys In Blue”, but he’s already delivering for the organization,  pledging $1,000 to every minor league player in the Dodgers’ farm system. We discuss Price’s grand gesture and how he solidifies an already strong Dodgers’ clubhouse.

Next, Departed Soles, a New Jersey Based Brewer, introduces your soon-to-be favorite new beer, “Trash Can Banger”. The session IPA pokes fun at the 2017 Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal that rocked Major League Baseball.

Next, we recap the latest Dodgers zoom party. Plus, we discuss a big week ahead for talks between the players and Major League Baseball and why we are still confident that we’ll have Dodgers baseball in 2020.


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. With everything going on. No fans in the stands and the players holding out for regular salary this is stupid. The players are wrong. Until a regular game can be played with fans the revenues are not going to support regular paychecks. There is no other way to see this. Plus the civil unrest and pandemic. Seriously what are they thinking? Oh sure the owners are going to give them full salary. LOL these guys are on a pedestal and now reduced to common earnings or maybe none. Good luck with sitting out and destroying the game. Understand people don’t care anymore. The game is far from important compared to what is going on, so I suggest you play for the sake of the game like many of you have all all preached to us fans. Liars!

    1. Wahhhh poor sports fan can’t sit on their a** for 4 hours a night this year whatever will they do? It won’t destroy the game either. As if anyone who watches baseball won’t return in 2021

      1. Agree. Let them all lose money. They are acting like childres through tough times in the US. It will come back but different. Some teams may fold.

    2. The players know the money is there. Owners refuse to open the books as they always have. See interview with A-Gon in LA Times today and Foxworth on ESPN last week. You are seriously going to blame this on players who assume all the risk, who are the game? They are not asking for full salary. They agreed on prorated salaries for games played. As Foxworth said, the owners don’t share the whole pie year after year with players over the whole history of the game. Owners will make money into the future because, as Foxworth points out, MLB is a legal Monopoly. Players have finite and primarily short careers. Post 1975 players sign contracts to play for a team. They can move on when the contract expires. No revenue sharing, no cut of merchandise, some will have differed payments. I could go on. The players agreed to play for prorated salaries during a Pandemic. The owners either open the books or pay players for games played. Tragic that working people can’t see how this process is the same tactic we all face when we don’t own the company. Furloughs, pay cuts, layoffs. It’s all happening in MLB same as it is for millions of workers. Again Foxworth points out that if team owners can’t be prepared for a rainy day, maybe these owners shouldn’t own teams. Foxworth also says player salaries have increased 40% over the last decade while team values increased 300% in the same decade. If Dodgers Nation or one of you all want to fact check this, I’m all ears. But Foxworth and A-Gon were both high level union reps in MLB and NFL. They know what goes on. We should all seriously consider the actions of players and MLBPA as an example to all of us who are pressured to return to work at great risk to do the same job for less money. It’s a hard sell, I get it. But this is happening everywhere and blaming players in all major sports historically for labor conflicts that threaten the game should be a no go, no brainer. We love players when they play and produce but hate them when they stand up for themselves? We want the best FA for our team but when the best protest we call them “millionaire cry babies”…That just makes no sense at all. See also David Price and loads of other players, who for decades, have put money back into their communities including paying minor leaguers this year to help with lost income. Maybe more than anything it’s time to let professional sports not carry so much weight in our lives and accept that it is what it is…flawed.

  2. The players union has always been the enemy of baseball. Manfred is a weak pawn of the players union. The odds for baseball in 2020 are about the same as winning the lottery. Some teams will be forced into bankruptcy. Player salaries in the years to come need to drop from their currently astronomical levels to the merely insane realm.

  3. If Max Scherzer and Blake Snell were not playing in the majors and didn’t have huge bank accounts already, they’d be coaching high school pitching prospects for $25 an hour. Oh wait, there’s no high school baseball either.

  4. Baseball teams filing for bankruptcy – now that might be “must see TV.” Billionaire owners unwilling to pay players to put their product on the field to save their own business – now need to go to the federal government for a handout. Talk about ruining your sport…our game.

  5. I really don’t want to listen to the multi-millionaire players and owners fight over money when much if mot most of their fan base is hurting right now including their own employees at the ball parks. Unless they can play real games with real fans in the stands, forgetaboutit. Any partial season played now is meaningless in the grand history of the game. I am for cancelling the season.

    Meanwhile, I’ll be out doing some actual work in the community.

  6. Billionaire owners with businesses that are shut down. Real estate not paying rent, stocks down in valve 25% , cash paying less than 1% interest, empty stadiums, and parking lots, thousands on payroll at various levels, no TV income, why not pay the players full salary?
    Yes and fans out of work, or with business shut down. Nothing to see here. I can’t imagine the suffering of major league players having to rent A/C mansions in Arizona for them and their families for a short summer season. Understand the snow birds flee Arizona in the summer, you can’t expect big league players to have to suffer a Arizona summer.

    1. It’s really a joke isn’t it? How will these millionaires manage to survive a year without pay? Unbelievable. Their lives wouldn’t be ruined in the least by this, like you said they can all live comfortably with their families during this

  7. Well,a lot of us were talking of boycotting the Dodgers until they started spending some money and trying to end the draught of 32 years without a championship..In a very painful and unlikely way, we ended up with the boycott and Kasten and the mngt group ended up losing huge profit from this Plandemic. Now we get to truly see just how greedy, or frugal these guys want to be..Looks like the only way to get the annual bottom feeders to join the party will be to offer them a even cut to play the longer version of the season…There’s really no incentive yet for the Orioles, Marlins,Rockies Mariners types to join the shortened season…

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