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Dodgers Win Totals Project Total Collapse In Comparison To 2022 Season

The Dodgers recorded 111 wins in 2022. It’s clear that many believe they will not get anywhere near that number.

For Dodgers fans, that win total was a/the highlight of the season. Sadly that good feeling quickly turned sour with an early postseason exit. To add insult to injury, the Dodgers projected win totals have plummeted to 89.7, according to ESPN and Steamer, which would be their lowest win total since 2012 when they won 86 games.

While 89-90 wins isn’t quite what fans are used to these days, it’s still a total that can secure a playoff berth in the expanded postseason era. So there’s still hope for a championship and parade sometime in the fall. It’s a steep hill to climb but signs continue pointing towards the Dodgers at least making a trade prior to the deadline.

The MLB is measured by championships and not regular season wins but the way-too-early rankings give Dodgers fans something to consider when looking ahead to the regular season. Perhaps this can also be added motivation for the Dodgers to prove the pundits wrong and become more successful than many had originally expected.

Importantly, this team does not need to go out and win 111 games again. Or even 100. Recent history has shown us that regular season wins don’t mean all that much.

While the Dodgers have lost many players, the current roster still holds value with All-Stars Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman and Clayton Kershaw remaining and some intriguing storylines (Dustin May, Noah Syndergaard, Shelby Miller) on the pitching side of things.

Ultimately, the whole point of this is… temper your expectations.

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  1. Regular season wins do mean something. For example, if the Dodgers are the lower seeded wild card they burn their best starters getting through a three game series away from home and then get crushed by a rested division champ the next week. Or course that didn’t scenario work out so well for the Dodgers this year, but I don’t think anyone looks at the currently composed 2023 Dodgers and doesn’t realize that every possible thing will have to go completely right to hoist the trophy next fall. There is no room for error and three road wild card games introduces a lot of likelihood for error.

    1. That’s all well and good, but the Phillies were the 6th seed, had to run the gauntlet and still made it to the WS. The Dodgers were number 1 seed and got to go on vacation early.

  2. The way I see it, the post season is meaningless, [or at most a seperate tournament], its how you do in a 162 game season that determines the best team. But I get it, the rest of the world only cares about the World Series.

    1. If that’s true, why even have a World Series? Just give the team with most regular season wins a trophy, a check for a hundred dollars, and start watching college football. Because no one would care about baseball at all.

    1. You and Jackson are idiots. Being number one during the regular season doesn’t mean squat. Everyone who puts on a uniform is working toward a championship. PERIOD!

      1. Harsh. Yes, everyone plays for the championship but don’t discount the enjoyment of following a team that crushes everyone for 6 months in the summer for a unsuccessful week in October.

        1. Harsh maybe, but watching a team demolish everyone in their division and finishing 22 games ahead of the Padres, didn’t mean a heck of a lot when it came time to shine the most. What this team is a manager who has pee and vinegar running through his veins not the manager we have who states that the team he manages didn’t have any fire or anywhere near the fire that the Padres had. That falls on his shoulders. If the team was just playing out the string then Roberts and a few of the senior leadership of the Dodgers failed miserably in keeping them up and hungry for another title run. I expect the Dodgers to have a solid club this coming season and acquit themselves well and YES I expect them to win the division again, but watching them win the division again then laying an egg when the lights go on is going to be a hard pill to swallow if it happens again. Though I unlike many who are posting on this site will never stop being a Dodger fan as I have been since Brooklyn. The idiots who post on this site that the Dodgers are going to struggle to make it as the second wild
          card, are just that, idiots. I mentioned it earlier, but San Diego has to make up 22 games to win the division and yes they have helped themselves, but I doubt enough to make up those 22 games.

  3. It all comes down to who makes the Playoffs & who wants it more once they get there. The Dodgers in 2020 were one of the wild card teams & they wanted it more that’s why they were WS Champs.

  4. In 2020 the Dodgers had Seager,Hernandez,Joc all came up clutch like always to carry them. But suddenly those clutch players were let go and the Dodgers haven’t found replacements for the bench or shortstop. Your right, Joc Seager and Hernandez wanted it more…….Now add losing Belli, both turners and not replacing them and it’s back to dumpster dives and dollar store shopping while 4 mill run through the gates, and concessions and parking go up….

  5. You have Roberts as manger your expectations. should be very low even if they win 120 games.. he can’t win the big ones..shown that over and over..wake up Dodger world

  6. I think Cey’s analysis of what happened to the Dodgers in this year’s playoffs was spot on. The hadn’t played an important game in two months and just “drifted” into the playoffs. There was no edge to the team, no sense of urgency, a lack of concentration and it all showed on the field. Some of that must be placed on the back of the manager, who had the option of shaking up the lineup but didn’t. The Mendoza line lineup with Mendoza line results. What, if anything, will Roberts do different in 2023?

  7. Whoever these people are predicting this stuff lose all credibility just by stating a pitcher who was the only in baseball to win 20 games 2 years ago with a 2.96 ERA and go 17-7 leading the NL with a 2.16 ERA this year and they show him with an ERA over 4 in 23. SERIOUSLY!! And this being his free agent year. You people are worthless!!!

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