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Dodgers: With Agent Boras, Hyun-Jin Ryu Not Likely to Take Discount says Ken Gurnick

Recently, I realized that we may have witnessed Hyun-Jin Ryu’s final outing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Indeed, that win in game three of the NLDS against the Washington Nationals could have been his final send off.

Without knowing that the Dodgers wouldn’t advance, I always figured we would see one another again. However, the next time we see Ryu; he could be wearing another uniform. Obviously, that is a somber thought.

While we recently examined what Ryu’s next contract could look like, Ken Gurnick of held a mailbag that dives a little deeper into the discussion. In his Dodgers’ mailbag at, Gurnick says that having Scott Boras as an agent will be a factor in Ryu’s likely departure.

Here’s what Gurnick says in response to being asked if Ryu has priced himself out of Los Angeles:

“If Ryu is looking at a five-year deal worth $100 million, he has. His agent is Scott Boras, so the chances of a hometown discount aren’t great. Ryu doesn’t want to leave Los Angeles, as he showed last offseason when he accepted a one-year qualifying offer and bypassed free agency. That’s not in play this time, and he’ll never have a better platform season to cash in on than the one he just completed.”

Certainly – reading between the lines – it appears that a gentleman who makes his living covering the Dodgers believes that Ryu is about to ‘cash in’ on the best season of his MLB career. For example, Ryu went 14-5 with an NL leading 2.32 ERA in 2019 during his ‘contract year’. Now, entering his age-33 season; it’s only understandable that he would want to make the most the work he just put forth.

Therefore, we have likely seen the last of Ryu as a Los Angeles Dodgers player. Surely, Ryu has proven that he loves the organization that brought him to the big leagues. However, it just feels like his final send off happened without many realizing it; and we will be left with the fond memories such as him being an All-Star Game starter and a run of dominance through the summer of 2019.

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  1. Let’s see, Boras works for Ryu, not the other way around. Ryu has said that he likes living in LA and playing for the Dodgers. Ryu was very pleased with how the Dodgers treated him when injured and during long rehab. There is always a chance that some team will come along and offer a contract too good to pass up (the Angels for instance), but it is very unlikely in the current market for a 33 year old pitcher, with one excellent season, to get a 5 year, guaranteed contract. If the Dodgers make him a reasonable offer, say 3 years, $60MM with a 4th year option based on innings pitched and / or starts, I think he will re-sign.

    1. Concur, completely with ya SoCalbum. I mean Boras must realize as you say that he works for Ryu and he is not the dictator of where Ryu must sign. On the other hand, who really knows what Freidman has in mind. I myself want to see Ryu return, as I am sure most fans but honestly I am not that thrilled , after what took place last year especially in the NLDS that Roberts is coming back.

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