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Dodgers World Series: LA Gives Tony Gonsolin the Nod for Game 6

The Dodgers and Rays played a thrilling Game 5 on Sunday night in Arlington. With the series advantage on the line, Los Angeles came through and now finds themselves 1 measly win away from taking home the title in 2020.

To do that, they will turn to Tony Gonsolin to start against the Rays on Tuesday in Game 6. Dave Roberts made the announcement following the win that Tony will indeed go for the Dodgers to try and lock down the World Series.

Doc going with Tony is an interesting move for a lot of reasons. For one, Gonsolin has not had the best of luck in the postseason. Through his 7.2 innings, he has allowed 8 earned runs and 3 homeruns. The Dodgers have only gone on to win 1 of the games that he has made an appearance in thus far. 

It’s also questionable only because of the availability of a few other guys. Dustin May threw on Sunday, so he will likely back up Gonsolin out of the Bullpen. Walker Buehler is still scheduled to get the ball in Game 7, but many wondered if he would go on short rest. If the Dodgers did use him, it would be on 3 days of rest. 

Regardless, it looks like Gonsolin will get the ball to start things off. How long he goes remains a mystery though, as Roberts and the Dodgers could have a quick hook on him. 

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  1. When May went more than 25 pitches tonight it was a guarantee he wouldn’t start on Tuesday. Little League rules. Just like the ending to game 4. Even if Gonsolin has trouble on Tuesday, you hold Buehler for Wednesday.

    1. May and Gonsolin have both struggled in the postseason. But May looked good in relief today. Hopefully Gonsolin will do the same in game 6. These guys are both rising stars. Gonsolin just needs to go into this game cocky, and bring his full arsenal of nasty pitches. I hope he finishes it strong like May in game 5. Go Dodgers. Go Gonsolin.

  2. I love Tony G. but I don’t think this is the right move. I would start Alex Wood. He’s been on this stage before and would not be intimidated. He’s also pitched well during the post-season. Gonsolin is bringing a lot of mental baggage with him for Game 6, much of it not his fault.

    At least Gonsolin will be pitching with full rest. Let’s hope it works out!

    1. Correct you are, Jonathan. Too much at stake for the young hurler. Wood sounds like the best pick. The manager (or FO) getting tricky with starters now as with relievers.

    2. I think the only reason he starts Gonso here is so he can play musical pitchers. The last time he only let him get 4 outs, while he paraded 7 pitchers to the mound. There wasn’t any kind of rhythm whatsoever. Not to mention how much it slows the game down.

  3. Wood is the better pick. Gonsolin has been problematic, recently. Wood has done well and is a veteran more suited for this big game. Roberts continues to make questionable pitching decisions. If the Dodgers don’t win this World Series, Roberts must go. Hire Bruce Bochy out of retirement.

    1. Sorry, but I’ll trust the guy who actually manages the team over some whiner who guzzles beer while watching the games from his living room.

      1. Yeah cause the guy managing the team has made such great moves. He costs us multiple big games every year. The playoffs are hard enough as it is

      2. Seriously? All Roberts bonehead moves trough out the postseasons aside. You would agree that keeping BAEZ in for the next inning after getting HAMMERED for a 3 run shot before hand was a GOOD move? Any little league coach wouldn’t have been that moronic. AND keeping Jansen as his Closer after multiple HRS and Shots in the postseason is a great strategy?…..AND taking out the 102mph flame thrower Graterol after 2 batters are good moves?? NO Bueno my friend!

    2. Hear Hear! Go with Wood. Or, why doesn’t he just go with Buehler and get it done? They have the momentum back.

  4. The key to game 6 needs to be offense. Tonight I believe after the 1st inning, there were only the 2 solo shots and 0 other hits? Mookie 1 for 10 the last 2 and Bellinger 1 for 9 with a walk? Gonsolin needs to have moderate success and they need to SCORE RUNS.

  5. Some early offense in the first three or four innings would help starting pitcher with confidence. How about giving Kenley Jansen the day off.

  6. Roberts has done this before, he admits it’s not a sure thing to do, HE NEEDS TO GO! Even if the DODGERS win or lose the World Series GET RID OF ROBERTS.

  7. I guess this is why Doc is paid the big bucks. I would just go with Walker and go for the win. He has the whole winter to rest after the game. I feel this is trying to be a little to cute, but then again that is why he is paid the big bucks and I’m on here second guessing.

  8. Definitely hold Buehler for a possoble game 7. GOndolin has pitched well all season, he’s rested and we have a ton of pitchers ready in relief. Gonsolin until he fails, then Wood, Graterol, McGee. Use Trienen again to close. Keep Jansen away unless there’s a 4 run lead or more.

  9. Completely agree. If there is a Game 7, Buehler definitely needs to start. Tuesday night, Gonsolin should pitch for as long as he can hold his own, and the Bull pen must be ready to take over as soon as there is sign of trouble. Would like to see Graterol (if not used earlier in the game) or Trienen in the 9th inning.

  10. Alex Wood please, or better yet Buehler and just get it done! The Dodgers have the momentum back…

  11. I also believe that Wood should probably get the start. But, like May, perhaps Gonsolin can reset. If Tony does struggle, I would follow him with Alex. I am also hoping for an NLCS Game 3 offensive explosion. That would be icing on the cake, to watch the last several innings with the Boys having a large lead and then all we gotta do is count down the outs…WOW!

  12. I don’t like this. The Rays have proven that Gonsolin does not fool them. I would start Wood on a short leash followed by May, Graterol, Gonzalez, Kelley, Treinon, and Floro. Not necessarily in that order. Eff Baez, Jansen, Mcgee and Kolarek. If anyone says well YOU’RE not the coach and that’s why Rivers gets payed. Eff you! I assure you, if they would have just done half the moves I and others could plainly see as GOOD strategy throughout the year….. we wouldn’t have had an early exit last year and 3 World Series appearances and nothing to show for it. ALTHOUGH, I wouldn’t put it all on Roberts. I am DAMN sure Friedman has a Big say on lineups and strategies. Go Dodgers! We will win this series despite management NOT because of it. We have that much talent……….

  13. Alex Wood should be the last guy to get the start. He’s been pathetic the whole year.

  14. Game 6 World Series 2020:

    Tony Gonsolin: 6 Hits, 2 HRs, 5 Runs Allowed, yanked after 1 inning.
    Blake Snell: 2 Hits, 13 Ks, 0 Runs Allowed, 7 Innings Pitched.

    Final Score: Rays 10, Dodgers 1

    Post Game Interview: Quint Roberts spent hours giving bogus explanations for starting Gonsolin, while reporters asked “Everyone saw that coming except you.”

    1. Pathetic and boring – how to use a life. I seriously hope you’re 13 years old and have time yet to turn it around.

  15. The Dodgers will back up Gonsolin early, as he may only go 2 or 3 innings even if he’s holding his own. But the Dodgers must put the ball in play early especially with RISP. And Gonsolin and those following HIM MUST again keep the Rays hitters in the park like they did in game 5. Anyway it’s going to be tough for the offense against Blake Snell, a LHP and Dodgers still have problems with them.

  16. I am fine with Gonsolin. He has had a few bad games, but he is very capable. He knows that he will be taken out as soon as he is in trouble. I am not fine with Wood. He had a good year in the past, but not recently. He was added to the roster for clean-up duty. May can follow Gonsolin, then Graterol. Urias could be ready to finish things off. If this thing goes 7 games, we will have Buehler to start and Kershaw to put in a couple of innings, unless Urias is not needed in Game 6. Urias is lights out and he will be back sometime in the next 2 days.

  17. I think Doc is playing his cards close to the chest. Dodgers clearly have the upper hand. Even though he said Buehler was off the table, if he sees that the Dodgers are close to winning, he’ll pounce. I’ll take Gonsolin any day, but Buehler is a killer. If the Dodgers are up by one in the 8th, I can see our sharpshooter coming off the bench to seal the deal. Go Dodgers! Let’s bring the title home, boys.

  18. Also, don’t rip too hard on Doc. Three WSs in 4 years… he must be doing something right. Sure, Friedman built a team that’s a well-oiled engine, but still. Win or lose, the Dodgers will be back in the WS for many years to come. Let’s enjoy our time in the sun, Dodger Nation ?????

  19. With Tony starting. the Rays going to load up with their left-hitting line-up which is stronger. That way you get them all off the bench instantly. Tony pitches to get Arozarena and Margot out and then you bring in Wood to face all the lefties stuck in the line-up. If Tony comes in blazing and mowing them down then you might leave him until he faulters. But don’t wait—– make the move!

  20. To sum it up, Gonsolin will have a shorter leash for the most part as opposed to either CK, Buehler or even Urias. But the Dodgers CANNOT be striking out the way they did in game 2 against Snell. Get some runs early to take the pressure off Gonsolin in the first couple innings. For all we know , Dodgers may have already decided that Gonsolin will ‘open only followed by anyone’s guess.

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