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Dodgers World Series: Roof to Be Closed at Globe Life Field During Game 3

Globe Life Field has basically become the home stadium for the Dodgers during the 2020 playoffs. They’ve already played 14 postseason games here in Arlington, and they will have to play at least 3 more by the time this season is over. 

But on Friday night in Texas, the Dodgers and Rays will play under conditions not yet seen at Globe Life Field. The roof that has remained open for the entirety of the postseason will need to be closed for the first time.  MLB warned of inclement weather and the possibility of rain in their decision to play tonight’s game with a closed roof

Closing the roof of a stadium wouldn’t normally be such a hot topic, but during this World Series, it absolutely is. The Dodgers have already talked about how well the ball can carry with the roof open on a warm night, as we’ve experienced from their 23 playoff homeruns. Playing with the roof closed will be an entirely different ballgame, one the Rays are used to. 

MLB wanted to keep the roof open for all of the playoffs due to coronavirus concerns. Their thought was that if they were going to have fans, keeping it open-air would help keep possible infections to a minimum. The Dodgers and Rays will, unfortunately, have to be the guinea pigs for the new conditions. As of now, it’s expected to dip into the low 50s around game time in Dallas. 

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  1. Just need to adjust those launch angles. 100+ mph line drives will still fall in and they’ll score runs.

  2. Watched Game 4 tonight…..what a disaster……bullpen is/was pitiful…..Jansen just doesn’t have it anymore! The last play was the worst defense I’ve ever seen!! Actually coming back from this disaster will be very difficult….but it’s now best of 3 and it’s time to produce or lose!

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