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Dodgers: Yadier Alvarez Clears Waivers, Will Miss Significant Time With Injury

It’s been a roller coaster of a Spring Training for the Dodgers and Yadier Alvarez. Once a top prospect in the organization, Alvarez had to take a leave from the team for disciplinary reasons. He made an unexpected return this spring, but soreness sidelined him before his first appearance. And now we have an idea of what to expect from him this year.

Yadier Alvarez cleared waivers after being designated for assignment by the Dodgers late last week. In order to keep him in the organization, Alvarez had to clear waivers and avoid being claimed by another team. 

He did do just that, and now the Dodgers will get to keep him. It’s unclear how long Alvarez will miss and what exactly the injury is at this point. If he manages to somehow make it all the way back in time to be a big-league option at any point this year, Los Angeles will have to add him to their 40-man roster. 

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The Cuban right-hander signed for a $16M signing bonus during the 2015-2016 international signing period, which cost Los Angeles double that amount after eclipsing their international signing pool.

At his best, Alvarez has been known to reach triple digits with his fastball. 

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  1. Keep an eye on Alvarez. I’m a little leary about guys that look good and think they’re great and just want to make it to the big leagues for the money. I’ve seen this before. make it big and get a big head and you think you’re so great you can say and do whatever you want. They’re called hot dogs. They get the big money that’s all they care about. Might just as well get Puig back. I think he may have learned his lesson.

    1. When these guys become set for life before even doing anything there’s really no point in trying hard unless it’s for the love of the game. If I was given millions of dollars I’d just retire

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