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Dodgers: Yadier Alvarez Shut Down From Baseball Activities, Tests To Be Done

The Dodgers will once again be without one of their former top prospects this Spring Training. Yadier Alvarez had to be shut down after Friday’s game when he could not get loose in time to get into the game. It now looks like there may be a deeper issue at hand.

Alvarez showed up unexpectedly in the Dodgers’ camp a few weeks ago, and fans were a little confused. Dave Roberts clarified that he would have a shot at the roster after being put onto the restricted list last year following character issues.

The plan was to give Alvarez a shot to pitch in Friday’s game to see where he was. He never made it out of the bullpen as he could not get loose. If the Dodgers wanted to keep him on their team, they would’ve been required to add him to the 40-man roster by Opening Day.

That obviously would have been difficult given the fact that the roster is already very tight. It is unclear right now where Alvarez will go if he is not healthy, but we will update as we learn more.

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