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Dodgers: Yasiel Puig is Officially Going to the KBO

It’s official. The “wild horse” is officially galloping over to the KBO. Korean Baseball Organization insider Jeeho Yoo confirmed the move.

As did Puig with this odd video.

Puig has officially been out of MLB from after the 2019 season when he last played for Cleveland Indians. In his MLB career, Puig posted 18.6 total WAR, 132 home runs, one all-star selection, and was 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting. He will be taking his cannon arm to Korea.

Puig Your Frenemy?

As a Dodger, the Puig journey was tumultuous. He is remembered by Dodger fans for very different reasons depending on how much good a fan chooses to remember versus the bad. He was notorious for ignoring coaches’ instructions, being late to practice and games, creating his own game plan on the basepaths, and ignoring defensive positioning to the detriment of the team. Puig and Don Mattingly frequented butted heads, as did Puig and Dave Roberts.

Many articles were written (probably unfairly) about his attitude. On that same note, most Dodgers who did speak about Puig referenced his inability to listen and do what was asked of him. Puig though had so much energy.

Puig The Energy

Given all that, Puig’s energy at the plate and in the field was never lacking. He regularly sacrificed his body to try and make catches, throw out runners, and hit the ball hard. His aggression on the basepaths did lead to some mental errors, but he also scored extra runs and took extra bases that a cautious runner would not have. He had some of the most clutch home runs during this recent Dodger playoff run over the past half decade-plus, and those will never be forgotten. The often forgotten one is the NLCS winning homer against the Milwaukee Brewers. The most popular one is this one. We bid goodbye to everyone’s favorite wild-horse with his best Dodger moment.

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  1. I’m not sure I can pronounce Yasiel and I’ve had years of practice now!

    Seriously though, I wish him luck but hope he resurfaces in MLB soon, albeit with a bit more maturity. He can be so good, and entertaining, but good too, but so bad at other times.

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