Dodgers: Your Los Angeles Dodgers Run-In’s and Fan Stories, Part Three

As part of our new editorial series, we will be featuring ‘Dodger run-in’s’ at Dodgers Nation. These are fan stories submitted of when they had an encounter with a member of the Dodgers organization somewhere random around town or at the stadium. If you would like to be part of our next column of run-in’s, you can submit your story here. This is the third installment of our open-ended series. We will keep running these as long as the great tales from the fan base keep rolling in!

 Anonymous (Meeting Eric Davis in 1992):

During the 1992 off season my mom and dad took my sister and I to Disneyland, I was 8 years old . While in line for Space Mountain the line was wrapping around I had noticed Eric Davis. My dad told me when the line passes again ask very softly “Mr Davis can I have your autograph” He was very surprised I recognized him and was over excited to give it to me. As the line split inside his family was right in front of ours, my Dad was talking to him about the off season and being how he was able to spend time with his family he told us had never been on Space Mountain before. When the staff directed to the row numbers to ride the ride he was going to ride by himself. I walked over to him and said “Mr Davis do you mind if I ride with you” and he responded with “Joey lets roll” 5 years later when he was diagnosed with cancer he was on the Big Show with Mason and Ireland, I called in and brought up the story and he said “Joey is that you” he then finished the story to Mason and Ireland and i was able to wish him well on his rode to recovery. Very humble guy!!

Gary (Kenley On a Hike):

Last spring in Phoenix was starting my hike at Dreamy Draw with my dog, was wearing my Dodger hat per usual when I hear “Go Blue”.  I turned and looked and it was Kenley and his new wife! I said World Champs 2018, he smiled and nodded.

S. Jennings (Steve Garvey):

Around 2002, I was attending a trade show in New Orleans for consumer products.  My firm had a booth, but it was well before the start and few people were in the convention center.

I was walking through, looking at all the booths, most of which were unmanned.  As I went down one isle I looked and saw Steve Garvey standing alone at a booth where he was selling a dietary supplement for weight loss.  Usually I am not the person who interrupts others, but this was too hard to pass up.  We talked for about 15 minutes.  Discussed the rumors of him being commissioner (he said that would never happen, it was too political),  and how he felt the Dodgers broke up the team too early – that they still had another one to two championship runs left in them.  Also talked about Lasorda, who he felt was the best leader he’d worked with.

At the end, he signed a baseball for me (he had a huge box full) and we shook hands and I left.  My impressions of him were that he was very articulate, a genuinely approachable and nice person and, to be honest, smaller than I thought.  I’m six foot and I was at least a couple of inches taller.  But, he was still in great shape, especially for someone in his early to mid fifties.

Wiseman (An Amazing Tommy Tale):

Back in the 70s my father was very ill. I was praying in a church in Oakland and was crying because my Father had a bad heart attack. I was with the Franciscan order and I think the Dodgers were playing the A’s in the WS. Then in walks the Dodgers.  Tommy walked by and paused..put his hand on my shoulder and said: “It’s going to be ok Father. I’ll pray for you.” I never forgot that encouragement or that day. But I can’t remember the day of the week or the time of day. Thanks Coach #2 You’ll always be a HOF guy to me.

Anonymous (Matt Kemp From Little League to Wrigley):

When I was seven, my parents surprised me with a trip to LA to take part in a Dodgers baseball camp and attend a Dodgers game. Being from Oklahoma City, my favorite player hands down was Matt Kemp, who was also from Oklahoma City. At the game, I was trying to get Matt’s attention when he saw my little league hat I was wearing which was similar to the hat of his high school team. He immediately came over to say hello to me and we took a picture. Flash forward 3 years, and my family and I are at Wrigley. I bring the hat again, not expecting much since he’s been in the league several years now and is a much more popular player, but he sees it again and comes over. This time he signs both that hat, as well as a baseball. I still have both of those two this day, as well as two memories that will always make Kemp one of my favorite players ever.

Anonymous (The Great Vin Scully in the Club Seats):

In the late eighties-early nineties I did some business with a company that had seats in the club section, aisle 207 row D. The seats were on the press box level, of course, and looking down the first-base line.  Because the seats were relatively private (no rows behind) my wife and I could take our young kids. We would put their diaper bag right behind us and the bathrooms were close at hand.

The last time I used the seats, I took my parents and my five-year-old son.  When the game was over, my mom, my son and I were standing around, waiting for my dad, and Vin Scully walked out of the press box and smiled at us. My mother and I were stunned.  Still smiling, he walked over and tousled my son’s hair.  Over twenty-five years ago and mom can still remember every detail.

Anonymous (Vin Scully Sighting at the Theatre in Century City):

My wife and I attended a play in L.A. at a theatre in Century City. We got there early and sort of hung out in the lobby, people watching. As we gazed, my eye caught a small, red headed figure standing about 30 ft away chatting with a group of older ladies. “My God” I said to my wife…That’s Vinny!” I so wanted to say hi, and maybe even get an autograph, or share with him for a moment the impact he has had on my life, growing g up as I did in the San Gabriel Valley of L.A. He was surrounded, however, by his fans, and I certainly did not want to barge in. But, I did go over to stand within a few feet of him as he talked with the ladies, just so I could hear “The Voice” in all its resonance and beauty. A sweet memory for me!

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  1. When I was in Little League I was at a batting cage in Lakewood, CA when West Parker and another Dodger showed up, driving a Ferrari no less. What a thrill for a 12 year old kid! Many years later I was working a charity event at the Skirball Center in LA when West Parker walked up to my table.

    I told him my Little League story and he spent the next hour or so standing with me talking about the Dodgers. Funny but we mostly we talked about the great Vin Scully. What a thrill for a 30 something Dodgers fan!!

    1. Thank you for sharing this Carl! We love hearing stuff like this from our readers. I bet meeting Wes was a thrill at that age.

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