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Dodgers: Yu Darvish Defends Bellinger, Says Astros Should Stop Talking Right Now

Of anyone whose place in Dodger lore has changed this off-season after this Astros cheating scandal, Yu Darvish has had some of the best quotes, interviews, and one-liners of them all.

A recent case in point:

Of course, the former Dodger was destroyed by fans and media after a game 7 start in the World Series. It was his second outing in the series where he failed to get out of the second inning. This came on the heels of dominant outings in the NLDS and NLCS prior.

He was told by Astros players that he was tipping his pitches. Then he found out that was a lie.

After wearing that failure on his shoulders for two seasons, he was absolved of some of the guilt that came with the Dodgers’ 2017 World Series failures. In the time since the commissioner’s report came out against Houston, Darvish has found himself still being asked often about that series and, it seems, has re-ignited a kindship of sorts with his former club.

With that, the now-Cub found himself defending Cody Bellinger on Sunday against a lambasting from Astros’ shortstop Carlos Correa.

The message from the Japanese-born hurler was clear… stop talking, Houston players.

I saw that talking about Bellinger… So they cheat — I think they, right now, don’t need to talk. They shouldn’t talk like that right now.

He continued.

Some people lost their job. They have to show more apology. I don’t feel anything from those guys.

Another point from Darvish challenges MLB commissioner Rob Manfred’s comments from today. While Manfred feels that “asking for a piece of metal back seems like a futile idea,” when discussing vacating the 2017 World Series championship, Darvish feels otherwise.

It’s like the Olympics, when a player cheats, you can’t have a gold medal, right? But they still have a World Series title. It [feels] weird.

Soon after the punishment came down on the Astros from MLB, the 4-time All-Star Darvish was tongue in cheek about the status of the title. And it seems that the 2017 World Series title will forever be that… a joke.

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  1. Off topic but it must be said. I’ve seen a few of you make political comparisons on here but they were from a pro Trump perspective and none of you cared or stopped yourselves, but if someone makes a political post that is against the your side then all the sudden you care and say not to bring politics to a dodger site? Seems to me like you don’t actually care about politics being on a baseball site you just don’t want any opinions that are against yours that’s the real issue isn’t it

    1. One instance I can remember is Kirk Lyons (who has the biggest problem with political posts ironically) comparing the Sabre metric “progressive” movement ruining baseball to what’s going on with the left in politics and wasn’t just stating it as a fact but as a negative. I originally did nothing different except it was from a different side of the aisle. I compared the Astros scandal and Manfred with Trump and the senate. I guess you can only make a political post if it’s making fun of liberals

        1. You’re hilarious. I heard it all growing up because of my name you aren’t clever no matter what you come up with

  2. Geez, you’re at it again. You are over here arguing with yourself!

    You ever talk baseball?

    1. I was pretty clear in my post but you choose not to acknowledge the hypocrisy in the people here

  3. Carlos “Ghetto” Correa the true colors come out no surprise here it’s his typical nature consider the source? Need I say more?

  4. The key here is not to make political posts. If you want to talk baseball politics; that is different. I am a strong —– but this is baseball. Just like when the Laker game or Super Bowl get discussed here. Closer to baseball—but not baseball. And the personal attacks on the people posting? No place for it. Players are fair game. They ARE baseball. OK. Enough said.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the part about others doing the same thing but with no complaints. The hypocrisy. The real issue is they don’t like my politics. When they like it they don’t care

  5. Whose, not who’s. First sentence. Thought you might want to edit it. Good piece. Go Dodgers!

  6. A thought occurs to me. Maybe the reason the Astros are so vocal about 2019 and buzzers is, they don’t have immunity for that? Sometimes you can protest too much. Darvish has given them good advice. “Shut up!”

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