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Dodgers: Yu Darvish Responds to Astros Punishment, and Has a World Series Request

After MLB announced the punishment levied on the Houston Astros for their sign stealing shenanigans, once again former Dodger Yu Darvish took to social media to have some fun with a bad situation.

Of course, Darvish started that fateful game 7 of the 2017 World Series for the Dodgers. Immediately after word got out in early November that the Astros may have cheated their way to a world championship, Darvish was shocked to find his name trending on Twitter about that 2017 World Series.

Equally as fast, he put the onus of failure on himself rather than the Astros cheating. Darvish started two games against Houston — one at Dodger Stadium, and one at Minute Maid Park in Houston — and got hit around in both games, allowing 8 earned runs in 3.1 innings pitched.

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While fans and players are understandably fuming over a perceived weak punishment from MLB, the former Dodger Darvish helps put a little smile on the faces of fans in the midst of a perpetually upsetting narrative that Los Angeles and its fans were robbed of their first world title in 29 years.

Next up, what punishment MLB will hand out to Alex Cora after being involved in two cheating scandals with Houston and the Boston Red Sox. Until then, get Darvish his “Yu Garbage” jersey.

NEXT: The Astros Stole More Than Just Signs

Clint Pasillas

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  1. Cora should get a lifetime ban from baseball. He was the instigator, and a serial offender across multiple teams and their world series appearances. He has earned a membership in the Pete Rose club.

    1. FYI:
      Pete Rose didn’t cheat, he bet. But he never bet on, or against his Reds.
      IOW, he didn’t ‘throw’ any games, he did not influence any game outcomes. There is no proof otherwise.
      The guy with the most hits ever should be in the Hall of Fame.


      1. Pete Rose appears to be a foolish and disagreeable person but, if Bonds and Clemens get in the hall this year, Rose should too. Joe Jackson should as well for that matter.

        1. I agree with you guys. I do believe that Rose should be in the Hall. Players are not elected for their sparkling personalities. Many of them are A type insanely motivated driven individuals. It is the numbers that should count. Rose was an incredible force for the Big Red Machine. I hated him as a Dodger fan but respected the talent of those players like Rose, Bench etc.
          I believe that Bonds, Clemens etc should be in the Hall along with Joe Jackson.
          Cora should be banned for life and I believe Hinch as well.

      2. Sir, the way I remember it…he did bet on his team…not against…which is just as bad because when he doesn’t bet on his team….you can bet on the other team….Still, it was after his playing days….Put Pete in Hall of Fame….

  2. I would like to purchase a Yu Garbage Jersey. That’s hilarious. Thanks Yu for the memories. Not all Dodger fans blame you. I think many more blame Roberts but it’s a team sport so I like to think that it was a team loss.

  3. That’s a cool idea! The Dodgers should hold a parade just to tweak MLB’s & the Astros noses!

    1. Why would they care they still get their title and only had a slap on the wrist. Cheating is still worth it Manfred did nothing to change that. Having a parade doesn’t make anyone feel better it doesn’t get us a title and it doesn’t give us the experience of actually seeing them win

  4. Okay, who’s selling, “2027 World Series Champions, Los Angeles Dodgers’ t-shirts? It’s official. I want one.

    1. Since the series went to game 7, I believe there were shirts pre-printed for World Champion Astros and World Champion Dodgers. I would love to find out where the Dodgers shirts are.

  5. The least MLB could do is give those draft picks to the Dodgers and take the fine off the Dodgers’ luxury tax number.

  6. Core should get lifetime Ban. Astros players should give up their World Series and playoff money. MLB missed the point. Players knew and it should cost them. Donate $ to charity

  7. When we were kids playing sports and you cheated you forfeited the game it’s a double standard when it comes to adults and big money what are we teaching our children that it’s okay to cheat long as you win

  8. Darvish probably took millions less in free agency after the 2017 WS due to the Astros stole signs electronically. He should sue the Astros for those lost millions.

  9. Even though they were cheating,
    It wasn’t done on the road. It was done at home. Game 7 of that World Series was in LA so how were they using cameras at Dodger Stadium.

  10. Astros should be forced to vacate the 2017 championship….. Dodgers WIN ! Dodgers WIN ! Hey ! If USC football had to vacate their 2004 national title because 1 player got rims for his car and his mom got help with an apartment…. And there was no CHEATING by USC to help them win !

  11. I just watched footage from game 7 of the ’17 WS. With the Dodgers leading or tied you can hear someone distinctly whistling loudly with different patterns right after the sign is given to the pitchers. Brutal. I am so pissed about this.

    1. Me and a network of people will be taking matters into our own hands and I’ll leave it at that

    2. Me too.
      There is video of every single pitch. MLB can (has already?) go pitch-by-pitch to see if the whistling or the trash can banging resulted in RBI hits or HR’s. They can know FOR CERTAIN if teams took leads on illegally stolen signs, i.e. CHEATING. They won’t.

      But SOMEONE WILL and very soon. As far as I’m concerned the Dodgers won BOTH the 2017 and 2018 World Series.

  12. Those Astro players that planned, executed, utilized the cheating deserve to be punished for what they did. Their World Championsip should be “vacated” at the least (The same should go for the 2018 Red Sox”. To add salt to the wound of being cheated, Yuli Gurriel went out of his cruel way to lie that Yu Darvish tipped his pitches in the Series (when in fact he and his teamates stole signs). In addition in an act of racism, Gurriel mocked Darvish by slanting his eyes in the dugout. Gurriel was suspended for 6 or 7 games in 2018 for this escapade, If those who participated and led this cheating go unpunished, it will continue!!!

  13. This “punishment” won’t change anything for long. It will be swept under the rug intentionally by MLB. Their tv shows STILL refer to Cora as having “…won the World Series”. NO. THEY FUCKING DIDN’T! They cheated their way INTO the Series, just ask the Yankees..

    The Dodger and all teams aren’t allowed to comment on the scandal but fucking Crane still gets to claim their “title” isn’t tarnished? That they “won” it. MLB is just pouring salt into the wound especially for Dodgers fans.

  14. I guess I am wondering why there isn’t an out cry from mlb about the players involved . This death type penalty ,and rightfully so in my humble opinion to the GM, and hinch , these players took full advantage of this and had to be very involved . Worse than Pete rose in some ways

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