Dodgers: Yu Darvish Returns To Dodger Stadium

Dodger fans, it’s time to come face to face with some trauma. The topic of Yu Darvish is a sensitive one for most Dodger fans, and so is how they feel about him. This, is of course because Yu Darvish started game 7 of the 2017 World Series, and gave up 5 early runs. It is wildly reported that he had been tipping his slider, and this is how the Astros were able to hit him so hard. On the topic of what kind of reception he will get, Bill Plunkett wrote a piece.

All About How Yu Feel

Divisive topics tend to bring out the harshest opinions. Angry fans don’t typically exercise a lot of nuance because of the trauma Dodger fans feel over losing that World Series. At the end of the day, of course Yu Darvish wanted to pitch well in game 7. To have so much acrimony towards Yu Darvish just for that is like Red Sox fans who never forgave Bill Buckner. It’s not a good look.

That, is however not exactly the end of the story. The malevolent feelings towards Darvish come probably from his comment he made to Dave Roberts. After he signed with the Cubs, Yu Darvish chose to tell his former skipper, “My main goal is to beat the Dodgers.” Why he would say this to the manager he was saying goodbye to is bewildering, and petty.

A pitcher signing with a different team after the season ended is well and good. A pitcher saying he wants to beat the team he just left? Well that’s purposefully inciting. Many fans interpreted this as Darvish saying he wanted to beat the best. This is plausible, but Yu Darvish is smart. It’s unlikely he didn’t know the implications this would bring.

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Yu On The Cubs

Since signing with the Cubs for 6 years, 126 million dollars, Darvish hasn’t had a great time. His ERA in both 2018 and 2019 hover just barely under 5. His WHIP has been over 1.4 both seasons while he’s appeared in only 22 games for the north siders. Perhaps the only solace Dodger fans need (in lieu of booing) should be that the Dodgers didn’t pay $126 million dollars for poor production.

Would You Boo?

We asked you on Twitter on whether you would boo Yu Darvish. Here are the poll results along with some of your comments!

This is undoubtedly be an excited game. How will you react?

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  1. Jansen is starting to look like he is not the closer that will bring us a World Series Championship. Tonight’s game was one of the blown games of all blown games. Jansen hitting Bryant was a real bad sign. The homerun was called by just about every person within ear shot. Everyone knew it was coming. It was as if we were watching a game that had already happened. “This is where Rizzo hits the homer…”

  2. You want a scapegoat? It is CLAYTON, I CANNOT PITCH IN OCTOBER, KERSHAW. Dude blew MULTIPLE leads in his games. Maybe trade him for bullpen fortification. Bring MadBum in.

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