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Dodgers: Yu Darvish Wants Fans in LA to Boo Him on Friday Night

Dodgers fans are always going to have a special place in their heart for Yu Darvish. After his unfortunate departure from the team following the 2017 World Series, Darvish has become a favorite. 

In light of the Astros scandal, Dodgers fans were extremely apologetic towards Darvish after he got hit hard in Game 7. That obviously resulted in a World Series loss and fans in Los Angeles did not initially respond well.

Despite that, Darvish says that he doesn’t hold anything against the fans. The Padres pitcher recently spoke with the LA Times’ Dylan Hernandez about getting to return to Dodger Stadium on Friday night, and he wants fans to be able to express themselves. Even if that means he gets welcomed with a series of boos.

I’m on the Padres now. We’re challengers to the Dodgers. So it’s not as if I’m going to be hurt just because I’m booed. I also think booing is one of the things fans look forward to doing at the stadium. So please write that if they want to do it, I would like for them to not be overly considerate of my feelings and enjoy booing as loud as they can.

If he pitches like he did last weekend, Dodgers fans are definitely going to try to get into his head. Darvish pitched his best outing of the 2021 season last Saturday, and that’s really saying something. He allowed 1 run through 7 innings and gave up just 1 hit. 

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A little part of me hopes that Darvish will be welcomed back to Los Angeles with applause. He had such a harsh departure from the Dodgers and has been so nice about it since then. Darvish was booed when he returned with the Cubs in 2019, but that was before the Astros scandal was unearthed. 

So if you’re at the game tonight, let him know that he’s appreciated among Dodgers fans. Then you can boo him during the game if he’s pitching well. 

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  1. I won’t be booing Darvish. Why boo anybody who is doing a good job and playing hard? Take a page from the Vin Scully book of class. It still works.

  2. Give the guy a break he’s a class and humble guy. He’s a good guy w/ a good upbringing. The team didn’t hit and support him or Kershaw against those cheating Asterisks.

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