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Dodgers Zoom Party Details: Everything You Need to Know

The Dodgers will be hosting their fourth Zoom party of the offseason on Monday night, and you will not want to miss out. The last three calls have featured players from past and present teams, as well as a plethora of well-known celebrities. Here’s the rundown for the night!


The call is scheduled to kick off at 6 pm pacific time. Make sure you’re in the lobby at least five minutes ahead of time to make sure your connection works and your computer is all set to go. We wouldn’t want any needed updates to make you miss one second of the call!

Which Dodgers Will Be There?

This week’s zoom party call features a cast of current Dodgers players! David Price, Cody Bellinger, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner, Austin Barnes, and Alex Wood are all scheduled to be on the call. Alanna Rizzo and Joe Davis are still the hosts for the party, and you never know which celebrities will be popping in! Dodgers’ part-owner Billie Jean King and actor Ken Jeong both made appearances on last week’s call.

What Will Happen?

One of the best parts of these calls is not knowing! You never know which big name is going to pop into the chat, and you never really know what the topics of conversations will be. We’ve talked about player’s lives, their eating habits, their workout routines, their shoe collections…there are literally endless possibilities! One thing has been consistent though, and that is that Alanna and Joe will make sure every player has the chance to speak!

Didn’t Get the Dodgers’ Zoom RSVP?

Want to come to hang out at the zoom party but didn’t get your RSVP in? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Go to the Dodgers’ Twitter page around the scheduled start of the call and wait for an update. The team has released a link to get in during the last three calls, but those spots fill up fast!

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