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Dodgers News: Los Angeles’ Outfielders Dominate Early All Star Voting

The National League All-Star voting updates have been released, and the Dodgers are making themselves known in the outfield. Of the top ten outfielders in the NL, the Dodgers are represented by three.

Who would have guessed at the start of the season that the Dodgers had an outside chance of three starts in the outfield by the time Major League Baseball’s All-Star game rolled around? But that’s exactly where we are, spearheaded by Cody Bellinger‘s exceptional performance.

Bellinger, despite being in the midst of a mini-slump, is still slashing .353/.446/.685 with 20 home runs and 54 runs driven in. Joc Pederson, number 4 in voting, is slashing .247/.349/.599 with 18 home runs of his own. Rookie Alex Verdugo rounds out their top 3, hitting .287/.342/.449 and coming up in some big situations.

The Dodgers’ offense as a whole has been pretty ridiculous, but their strength has definitely been in the outfield production. They are hitting a combined .268 with 45% of the team’s home runs coming from those 3 positions.

The Dodgers also expect to be well represented on their pitching staff, with several candidates in their starting rotation.

All-Star voting closes on June 21st at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

An interesting note: Alex Verdugo has more votes than Bryce Harper as of today.


  1. Yup………and Roberts plans to bench Verdugo as soon as Pollock returns………..(Grin!)………Go figure.

    1. Hey bluz1st. Hopefully you are not out in the 100+ degree heat I am witnessing here in Southern Oregon. As far as when Pollock returns, IDK but it remains to be seen what happens, and of course Pollock’s performance will have to be looked at. Right now Verdugo and Pederson are not hitting the way they were a couple weeks ago and those nagging injuries probably have a bit to do with it. But again, we know the weakest link on this team is the BP, LOL who knew..
      Also we are seeing Bellinger’s first real struggles this year. I am seeing him missing pitches that he was connecting on and making solid contact on only a couple a weeks ago…

      1. Hi Paul!…..Hope you are doing well!…..Yea, our team is in a drop off right now……….Seager was so hot, now he is hurt,, Bellinger is obviously cooled off (he could not maintain that .400 pace for ever, right?). Freese is hurt, Turner is hurt………Verdugo, Hernandez and Pederson all scuffling now. Seems like Munce is all we have now. Dodgers were driving in runners so well and now they are having problems sustaining rallies because of all these things combined. Then we have Barnes and UPO Taylor………..they are just UGH! When Dave puts them (Barnes & Taylor) in the lineup @ the same time……….it’s like playing eight against six. But with our starting pitching superiority we may be able to hold the fort until everyone is healthy again. Good thing they have a large lead in the standings. Go Dodgers!

  2. Bring up Gavin Lux to replace Seager now while he is on the IL. Don’t trade for garbage rentals.

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