Don Mattingly Loses Cool, Uses Expletive To Describe Dodgers (VIDEO)

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Things get heated this week as the Dodgers fall eight and a half games behind the Giants and struggle to stay above .500.

Don Mattingly is in the hot seat once again as the current state of the team is far from what everyone expected and Mattingly is pretty frustrated about it, having this to say on SportsNetLA after their second loss to the White Sox at home:

“Home, away, whatever. I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it. Just being basically [expletive]. We’re just not that good.” End Quote. And it didn’t get any better when being asked about the offense, saying, “I really think you should talk to them. I’m tired of answering questions honestly.”

Mattingly was in this same position last year before going on their historic 42-and-8 stretch when Yasiel Puig came onto the scene. But, this year, with a $240 million payroll to work with, Mattingly pointed out that the problem is the team’s lack of cohesion, too much attention has been placed on individual players and not on the team as a whole.

So what does widely respected ESPN Analyst Buster Olney have to say about all this? In an interview on ESPNLA Radio, he agrees with Mattingly and pointed out that the roster is composed of great players that don’t quite mesh. But, Olney is optimistic with the Dodgers current position, describing it as a “’win the world series or bust’ type situation.” Basically, get to work, go big or go Home!

Where are the Dodgers headed? And can they turn things around and start playing together as a unit? Sound off in the comments below and tweet us @DodgersNation.


  1. This is why it has never worked in LA to have even just one “super star.” (Remember Gary Sheffield, Adrian Beltre, Andru Jones, etc. as Dodgers? It was a nightmare! )

    All we have ever needed is 1) a motivational manager, 2) a couple of guys who could come off the bench and pinch hit when you REALLY need it 3) a cohesive fun loving prankster pulling unit even if they are all “misfits, 4) some good pitching.It was a terrific example of sabermetrics and no one expected them to win. But they did and how many times did we win in the 70’s and 80’s? And then we started buying “super stars.” And how many times has that taken us to the World Series? ZERO!!!!!

    All these guys are out there “pressing” to hit home runs and look great and be “worthy” of their huge contracts. . But if you notice, when they win it’s because everyone just hits the ball and aren’t always swinging for the fences! Small ball wins games and promotes a fun challenge.

    The 5th thing that worked is the 10th man– the FANS. In the 70’s and 80’s the FANS were in to the game. From the 7th inning on they would be standing and cheering and urging players on with every ounce of their being!! I started to see this come back last year after the sale ended the horror reign of McCourt. It looked like we would become the true Dodgers again….. but alas we spent tons of money buying players who don’t know how to be TEAM members, got rid of the guys who could spark this team like Punto and Shoemaker and Jaime Carrol have done over the year, and then owners truly DISSED the fans with this awful TV deal that leaves 70% without access. And when you go to a game, the fans just don’t feel appreciated and are distanced from the team. THIS will NEVER work!!!!! If you don’t get the FANS back into the game LA will NEVER have a winning team!!!!!!!!

    When management wakes up and LISTENS and starts appreciating the FANS and building a TEAM instead of a group of “super stars” perhaps we’ll have a winning TEAM again. It can happen with this bunch of super stars …. but you have to KNOW how to Build a TEAM to make it work.

    Start playing small ball everyday and see what can happen…. let’s go back to Little League baseball 101…. the basics. It takes a TEAM!!!! Everyone hits and gets on base!! Stop swinging for the fences and making fly ball outs!!!!!

    STOP buying super stars and trying to rehabilitate old pitchers! Work with the ones you have and BUILD THE FARM!!!!

    1. well said. I am a Dodger fan from a couple states away. I have never even been to LA. but I have loved the Dodgers since before Steve Garvey’s reign. I didn’t realize how the local fans have been affected by recent changes. In the state of Washington I have been able to watch more Dodger games in the last 2 years then I ever have. Seems kinda crazy. I totally agree with your views on the whole “team” vs “superstar”. May I add that we need to replace the Skany Yankee? He thinks like he is still in the American League.

  2. 2014 Dodgers lost Mark Ellis (was on the A’s ‘Moneyball’ team that won 20 straight games), Skip Schumaker (balsy clubhouse leader) and Nick Punto (another clubhouse leader and valuable utility player). These guys were quietly the glue that held the 2013 Dodgers together. What happened Ned Colletti? Hanley Ramirez, Matt Kemp need to sit. Time for Colletti and Dodger owners to do a money ball move and trade these guys.

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