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Dusty Baker Hopes Umpires Call Balks on Clayton Kershaw

It is finally the best time of the year: playoff baseball. More importantly, Friday marks the beginning of playoff baseball for the Dodgers. Our Ace, Clayton Kershaw, will take the mound against Max Scherzer in what is certain to be quite the pitching duel.

Before the game, reporters caught up with Dusty Baker who had a lot to say about Kershaw, specifically on his new side arm delivery and his tendency to balk.

If you haven’t seen Kershaw’s new delivery that he mixes in, here it is. It is basically a sidearm throw that he says was inspired by Rich Hill; however, Kershaw made it clear that is just something he will be using a “handful of times.”

Dusty Baker didn’t stop there. He went on to critique Clayton Kershaw’s tendency to balk without being called on it by umpires. Baker went on to say that he hopes the umpires call him on that in Friday’s game.

Dave Roberts responded by naming a few Nationals pitchers who he feels balk quite a bit as well, including Mark Melancon and Shawn Kelley.

Whether or not Baker was expressing serious concerns or maybe trying to stir up the Dodgers’ clubhouse is uncertain. The only thing that is certain is that fans are in for a treat for Friday’s matchup! Make sure to check out Kershaw’s new delivery and whether or not he is called for a balk!

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