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ESPN’s Buster Olney Says Talented Dodgers Don’t ‘Fit Well Together’

[new_royalslider id=”131″] As was the case last year, the Los Angeles Dodgers entered this season under the assumption manager Don Mattingly would have a surplus of outfielders and potentially a crowded starting rotation to juggle.

In terms of the outfield picture, Mattingly’s job figured to be more difficult this year as Yasiel Puig was with the team from the outset and once Matt Kemp returned from the disabled list, the Dodgers were carrying five capable outfielders.

The depth in starting pitchers and in the outfield did prove beneficial as multiple players have been lost to the DL at various points this season. Kemp’s struggles in center resulted in him being benched in favor of Andre Ethier, who isn’t a natural center fielder.

In an interview with John Ireland and Steve Mason on 710 AM ESPN LA Radio, ESPN baseball analyst Buster Olney said Mattingly acknowledged to him in a June 1 interview defense remains a concern. Olney further went on to point out the Dodgers roster is composed of players that don’t quite mesh:

“It’s an interesting team because they have a lot of stars, they have a lot of good players, but they don’t necessarily fit well together.”

How long Kemp’s stint on the bench would have lasted is unknown, and though he’s been a regular in the lineup since Carl Crawford suffered a sprained ankle, he’s now playing out of position. The Dodger infield hasn’t been immune to injuries with Hanley Ramirez missing time with calf soreness and Juan Uribe landing on the DL with a hamstring strain.

With Uribe going on the DL, the Dodgers called up Erisbel Arruebarrena — a natural shortstop that’s already filled in for Ramirez and who is capable of playing second and third base. Despite some of the versatility on the roster, the Dodgers have fallen victim to a committing an abundace of errors; 45 through Wednesday, which is fourth most in the Nation League.

Despite not yet meeting the expectations that were placed on them, Olney believes the Dodgers are in a win-now mode, but said it could change should the losses continue to pile up:

“I do think this. They are definitely a, as we talked about, ‘win the World Series or bust’ type situation. If they keep hemorrhaging in the standings, and they don’t play better, I think all options will be on the table. Pederson might be part of that.”

Olney concluded his thoughts with if the Dodgers are to get back on track this season, it will need to begin with their pitching. Led by Zack Greinke’s 8-2 record, the pitching has been one of the Dodgers’ strong suits thus far, though Dan Haren has taken some shine off the pitching staff by going 1-4 since beginning the season 4-0.

Mattingly voiced his displeasure with the current state of the team after Wednesday’s loss. Puig’s arrival in June helped spark the remarkable 42-8 run and without a similar move available this year, the Dodgers will need to look inward in order to right the ship.
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  1. I think one of the biggest reasons the players haven’t meshed is Don Mattingly isn’t giving them the chance. The constant lineup roulette he plays throws off player rhythms and adds a certain “uncomfortable” feeling to matters. If a player doesn’t feel comfortable, it in turn heightens tensions, things get magnified and multiplied and everything gets thrown off kilter. Mattingly needs to decide on a starting lineup, and stick with it (late-game substitutions and L/R matchups notwithstanding).

    Quit putting Ethier and AGon back-to-back in the lineup, makes it too easy for the opposing manager to adapt and next thing you know – two quick outs.

    And stop worrying so match about late-game L/R matchups! Too much LHP specialization and it is showing to burn out a bullpen – which also needs a rhythm.

    I was rooting for Don Mattingly but I feel like watching him this season is painful. He seems woefully overmatched and lost. If he wants to continue managing, he might be better served in the AL, where, as was well-stated in the movie Little League – “They got the DH, how hard can it be?”

    1. I totally agree with you….Don Mattingly continues to prove he has no managerial skills for the majors. The statistics quoted by Vin last night prove his leaving left-handed batters Ethier, Crawford, and Gonzales out of the lineup because of left-handed pitching hasn’t worked. The win/loss ratio is heavy to the loss side. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows you have to field the positions with the same players day after day so they play effectively together. As you said changing the batting order every game isn’t productive. Mattingly said at the end of the season it was impossible for him to do a good job managing not knowing what was going to happen with his job. Doesn’t he realize the players can’t do their best either not knowing if they are going to be in the lineup until they get to the ball park or what position they are going to play.

  2. Nice analysis, Louise! Makes sense to me. Tim Wallach shoulda been Dodgers manager all along.

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