Every Dodgers Uniform Ranked! Justin Turner Wants LA to Wear Blue Alternates in 2021, Should They?

The Dodger uniform is widely considered one of the best and most recognizable in all of professional sports. Featuring the classic “Dodgers” script across the chest, red numerals on the front, and the ever-iconic Dodger Blue, the uniform has stood the test of time.

We take a deep dive into the evolution of the Dodgers uniform. From pinstripes to powder blue satin to the one year the Dodgers ditched Dodger Blue for Dodger Green. From the first year the Dodgers introduced red numerals, to the time the Dodgers wore blue alternates, we take an expansive look at the history of the Dodgers uniform from 1910-2021!

Plus, Justin Turner wants the Dodgers to wear blue alternate uniforms in 2021! We discuss if it’s time for the Dodgers to consider adding a blue alternate jersey to their uniform rotation.


Fans have spoken online and they’re on board with the idea of alternated jerseys, but not so much at home. Don’t mess with the iconic home whites. Beyond that, which uniform throughout the franchise’s history are you a fan of? Also, which alternate jersey would you like to see? Keep the conversation going in the comments below!


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. I absolutely disagree with Justin about wearing an alternate jersey on the road. Don’t mess with greatness. We do t want to be like the Giants, or Padres, who keep changing their uniforms.

  2. Very interesting, I have mixed feelings being that I tend to be traditionalist. My suggestion is to let the players vote on it. And then use them after they have win streaks of eight or more, once they lose a game they can’t use them again till they win ten in a roll…..

  3. Leave the home uniforms alone. Current road uniforms are blah. Use the existing spring training uniforms as the road jerseys.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of those dark Dodger blue jerseys and of course blue is my favorite color. I even have several vinyl record LP’S that are in a translucent blue color! I’m all for regular season road games for those blue jerseys AND I would create every Friday home game to be Dodger Blue Fridays where those blue jerseys are worn.

    1. I was thinking Sunday road games would be blue jersey games. But Friday night home would be great too! But use them sparingly.

      Anyone remember the formula the A’s had with their white, yellow, and green combinations years ago? I bet that’s where Phil Knight and the Ducks got that idea…

  5. Do not mess with our awesome uniforms!!!!!! Road and especially home!!! Love you Justin but hell no on any change!! I’m sick of mlb Commish making changes to our game. I couldn’t handle the Dodgers making uniform changes.

  6. Sure… when the Yankees start wearing a black alternate jersey. Alternate jerseys are beneath the dignity of the Dodgers. Can’t we hold onto just the tiniest shred of tradition?

  7. Home uniforms need to stay the same as well as the road jerseys. White at home with Dodgers and Grey on the road with Los Angeles. Alternative jerseys to me is just another way of MLB trying to make more money so the fans will purchase them. I like the more traditional look!

  8. I’m very very patiently waiting for the Dodgers to start offering the grey road jerseys with the white bordering around “Dodgers” on the front, and the numbers and name on the back. Until then, I won’t order any jerseys…

  9. I don’t even like going into the stores at the stadium, or anywhere else that are selling the hats in different colors. Too many things in this world are changing, and not always for the better. Stick with tradition and keep our Boys in Blue just the way they are.

  10. sorry JT, gotta disagree with you. No blue jerseys – home or road. Stay with the best jersey’s on the planet. white at home and gray on the road

  11. One of the great things about two of the truly great and distinctive baseball organizations is tradition and respect for its history.

    The Dodgers and Yankees are the ONLY two organizations that have maintained the tradition of not wearing softball jerseys in games to promote extra licensed sales revenue from ‘alternate’ jerseys. The fans can go ahead and buy the blue jerseys at Target and Walmart but the team should continue to maintain the great tradition that makes them special.

    Tradition is something that should be respected and admired.

  12. Those who hew to tradition have my vote. While the grays are hardly remarkable, they have the advantage of history of and surely being cooler in the summer than a dark jersey would be. Almost everyone seems to say the home uniforms are not to be messed with. Over the past winter, there was an article (I think on espn.com) about the best uniforms – of course, the Dodger whites won. Absolute classic. It’s perhaps odd that the other envisioned changes to the game concern me less than this – strange, huh? I also hope they don’t ever change to that script D hat – perhaps I’m just resisting all change, but the LA one is a thing of beauty: classic, clean lines, bright white on deep blue. Gotta love it!

  13. All i care is the home white uniforms away games dont really matter to me but if JT wants blue on away games im ok

  14. NO NO NO alternate uniform. And always “Dodgers” on the road uniform. Justin has to leave if he continues this. And you are NOT a Dodger fan if you believe anything other than what I just said.

    -Since 1955 and counting.

  15. I like the blue shirts better than the white. I hppe they do alternate to blue shirts.

  16. I would love for them to bring back a blue alt jersey! The current ST one is fine as-is and could be used. I would say it should used as an alt at home games for maybe Wednesday or Thursday day games only though, much like the ’11 Brooklyn ones were used only on Wed day games.

    I do think if they start wearing blue jerseys, they should only be worn at home though and not on the road at all. Makes more sense to wear them at home since it is referred to as ‘Blue Heaven’.

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