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How Does Frank McCourt Hold Up As Owner Of The Dodgers


You might have read T.J. Simers report that the Dodgers have sent out a survey to grade Vin Scully and other announcers on a scale from 1 to 5 in selected areas. I love the idea of a survey for the Dodgers, but let’s address the real issue, Frank McCourt as team owner. That said, we’ve created our own survey for fans to help us grade Frank McCourt on a scale from 1 to 5.


Some of these areas are directly from the real survey, others we have added:

  • Knowledge of baseball:
  • Knowledge of Dodgers Organization:
  • Credibility as Owner:
  • Image to Society:
  • Leadership Ability:
  • Confidence as Owner:
  • Respect From Employees:
  • Overall performance:

We want YOUR input! Simply download the survey document below, fill it out, and send it to us. We’ll submit your name, website/twitter along with a link to your survey in this article.

Download Survey: Frank McCourt Survey.doc

E-Mail Survey : [email protected] (Must Be Sent Over In .DOC format, no PDF’s)

Fan Submissions:

Joe D.  JoeD.doc (full survey response)

Confidence as Owner : In my 50 years on this planet, I never would have expected Major League Baseball to threatening taking control of the Dodgers.

Robert R.  RWRice.doc (full survey response)

Overall Performance : If Frank really does love baseball and the Dodgers, then do the right thing and move along. The Dodger brand, the players, and the fans deserve more.

@SnapTheJap : SnapTheJap.doc (full survey response)

Respect From Employees: Taking profits and indulging in personal expenses, only to cut/trade/fire people—very little respect there.

@_Jonathan_Garza:  Garza.doc (full survey response)

Leadership Ability : Frank is a horrible leader. If Frank cared the least bit about his product, he would sacrifice his own personal assets, something he’s very obviously unwilling to do.

@danielbuerge_LA: Buerge.doc (full survey response)

Respect From Employees: I have to think that the respect for McCourt amongst the Dodgers employees is dismal at best. Especially if those employees are finding their paychecks bouncing every two weeks. The notion that McCourt might release Vin Scully to save money is something else that is sure to cause unrest in the organization.

MarkCubanSaveTheDodgers.com :  MCStD.doc (full survey response)

Image to SocietyFrank McCourt will never be able to show his face in L.A again. He has run the Dodgers from a business side into the ground, but he will never take the heart of the Dodgers because that beats strongly within the fans and the city.

FeelinKindaBlue.com :  FeelinKindaBlue.Doc (full survey response)

Knowledge of Dodgers Organization : Not totally convinced with my score of “2,” seeing as he sent out a survey about a living legend who means more to the organization than any other player, manager, owner, etc.

@jschoenwald :  jschoenwald.Doc (full survey response)

Overall Performance: Frank gets a One. He has mis-managed the team, stolen money from it, lied to the fans, and disgraced the team and the sport in countless ways. It’s clear he looks out for nobody but himself (which is different to looking after yourself FIRST and then others). It’s clear he doesn’t care if the Dodgers win or lose so long as there are asses in the seats. It’s clear that until we get an owner who feels differently we aren’t going to get a winner. And it’s clear that this sport, this, franchise, this city, and these fans deserve much, much better.

Reza B: Reza.doc (full survey response)

Respect From Employees: His lack of passion, sense of history and knowledge of a proud organization and over all his stupidity will not surprise me even when he fires Vin Scully…

@DodgersDynasty :  DodgersDynasty.Doc (full survey response)

Confidence as Owner: Franks confidence is 100x lower than Eugenio Velez who is currently 0-26 on the year . Frank hired the man responsible for his divorce, was unable to provide proper security for opening day. He had a take over from MLB and now sits in bankruptcy. Don’t forget about organized protests of his ownership. The sad thing is that things are going to get even WORSE!


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