Farhan Zaidi Strikes Again With Another Former Dodgers Player

Farhan Zaidi is beginning to put his fingerprints on the San Francisco Giants organization. Lately, these fingerprints have been blue colored. First, there was Zaidi’s first move to acquire former Dodgers reliever, Pat Venditte. Now, another short-term Dodger will be calling the Bay Area home.

On Saturday, the Giants traded for Breyvic Valera from the Baltimore Orioles.

Valera was not a marquee player for the Dodgers. He appeared in 20 games and hit .172 in 29 at-bats. Then he was traded to Baltimore on July 12 where he would fare a little better, hitting .286 in limited duty. However, Zaidi has obviously identified a trait that he likes in Valera.

Originally, Valera was acquired by the Dodgers on April 1st of 2018 from the St. Louis Cardinals. This means that twice in a calendar year, Zaidi has signed off on a trade for the 27-year old utility man.

It will be interesting to see how many former Dodgers gravitate to San Francisco by way of the Farhan Express. Valera doesn’t figure to be a future All-Star by any means. However, this appears to be a move that could work out. The contact skills that Valera has should play up in San Francisco. It is not a far stretch to imagine him hitting for a high average and being valuable in several spots in a limited-duty role.

Zaidi had a vision for this player that did not pan out in Los Angeles. We will wait and see if this new path is a better one for the Valera/Zaidi marriage.

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  1. How bad are the Giants? They just acquired a player who was DFA by the worst team in MLB.

      1. Exactly. Actually I think Valera is a pretty good utility type player (I think he was a well regarded prospect for the Cardinals a couple of years ago) who did not get much of a chance with the Dodgers. I thought he would be a good player for O’s.

        1. Hello SoCal. Just wondering what ya believe the next move Dodgers will make. That deal with the Reds is only a small part of what still needs to be done during this off season. the holes on this team are still there so I guess it’s a WSS for now.

          1. I think Friedman has multiple irons-in-the-fire and willing to go forward with any of them when/if the price is right. OF options appear to be waiting on Harper decision, but if Tigers drop its asking price on Castellanos then Dodgers could take that deal and forget Harper. Or, Dodgers decide to acquire a legit second baseman and move Taylor to the OF. Same for catcher, Dodgers find a FA or low cost alternative and could move on from Realmuto.

  2. Valera doesn’t have that major league look to him. He looks like a pitcher when he’s batting

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