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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dodgers Fans: Shirts, Caps, Lighters and More

Father’s Day is coming up fast this year, and with all of the hours put towards working, spending time with family, running errands, and watching Dodger games, we often find ourselves searching for the perfect gift in the last few weeks before the special day comes around.

Of course, most fathers that are loyal fans of the Boys in Blue would love to receive some tickets to go watch them in action. The Dodgers continue to prove that even during a rougher stretch of their 2024 season thus far, they have the personnel on their roster to go the full mile. Everybody in the city of Los Angeles is trying to find their way to Dodger Stadium this summer.

Therefore, game tickets might not be within everyone’s budget at this time of the year and that’s okay. We’ve learned that fandom stretches far beyond showing up in-person to support the team and there are plenty of gifts that are perfect for Father’s Day that you still have time to purchase and receive before June 16. Let’s have a look:

1. Classic Dodgers Cap

One of the best aspects of Father’s Day is that it falls right before summer. Dads will have many hours on their hands the next few months to enjoy all the outdoor activities they desire. It could be something as simple as grilling outdoors and something as adventurous as exploring a national park.

But it’s only right if they protect their skin and look stylish while doing so. Therefore, a classic Dodgers cap could be perfect for them. Purchase one now here:

2. Dodgers Lighter

Speaking of summer activities, fathers tend to prefer being prepared no matter where they’re at. Whether it be taking a family trip to Dodger Stadium or hanging out with some coworkers after a meeting, they always have necessities just in case they come in handy.

A good lighter is needed for a multitude of reasons and one plastered with a Dodgers logo is even better. You can purchase here:

3. Dodgers Varsity Jacket

Dodger fans are extremely lucky to always be able to choose from some of the best team merchandise in all of sports. Ranging from hats to hoodies to graphic tees, the creativity is never lacking.

One of the best Father’s Day gifts on the market right has to be this reversible Dodgers varsity jacket. It has a classy look that perfectly represents the organization. You can check it out and buy yours here:

4. Mookie Betts Funko Pop

The Dodgers have been fortunate enough to continue adding top-tier talent to their roster in recent years. However, Mookie Betts continues to be the heart and soul of the team and will always be a fan favorite.

Outside of clothing, many fathers would likely appreciate some sort of figurine to add to their man cave. This Dodgers Mookie Betts Funko Pop could serve as just that. Buy yours now here:

5. Clayton Kershaw ‘Most Strikeouts’ Tee

When Clayton Kershaw announced he was re-signing with Los Angeles this past offseason, all just felt right in the world. He has been performing on the mound for them for over a decade and has inspired generations of fans.

This ‘Most Strikeouts’ tee honoring Kershaw is the perfect shirt for fathers to wear this summer to honor one of the most talented pitchers ever. Purchase yours now here:

6. Dodgers Nike Zip Up

Finally, a lot of fathers like to keep their outfits simple. Even though they could be huge fans of the Dodgers, they still do not want their merchandise to be too loud.

Therefore, this Dodgers Nike zip up jacket that is coated in classic blue and has the team logo high up on the chest is the gift for them. Buy now here:

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