Federal Judge Denies Yasiel Puig’s Request To Dismiss Lawsuit

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After playing his first full season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and now preparing for Major League Baseball’s all-star tour of Japan, Yasiel Puig continues to be at the center of a pending lawsuit.

Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot alleges Puig defamed him to Cuban authorities, which led to imprisonment and he’s suing the Dodger outfielder for $12 million. Puig’s attorney, Sean Santini, requested in October that a federal judge dismiss the suit, which was recently denied reports Nathan Fenno of the LA Times:

For the second time this year, a federal judge has rejected an attempt by Yasiel Puig to dismiss a lawsuit blaming the Dodgers outfielder for the imprisonment and alleged torture of a Cuban man.

Details of Puig’s escape from Cuba have largely been unknown and any talk of it was considered speculation and hearsay. Given Puig’s refusal to discuss the matter, it was swept under the rug until Jesse Katz of Los Angeles Magazine brought them to light with an in-depth report.

Katz’s report naturally drew plenty of national attention, but Puig remained mum and issued a statement to say he’s focused on baseball. Manager Don Mattingly expressed his concern over Puig’s past and said he was unaware of the accounts Katz detailed.

Although Puig and the Dodgers haven’t said much, the Hollywood movie industry wasted little time in getting involved as Brett Ratner purchased the rights to produce a movie based on Katz’s article.

As for Puig’s date with a courtroom, the trial is scheduled for November 2015 with Daudinot’s deposition needing to begin before Jan. 14. However, Daudinot’s seven-year prison sentence may prove a difficult hurdle to overcome.

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  1. Cuban government is clearly behind these shake downs. They let them get out and now want the money. Thanks Federal Govt.

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