For This Dodgers Fan, it’s Embarrassing to See Manfred Destroying Baseball

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred got caught with his pants around his ankles. After joyfully proclaiming that baseball will “unequivocally” be back in 2020, he voiced serious concerns a day after players said shut up, let’s play.

This whole fiasco somehow started through the media and we wonder how in the world that was allowed to happen. What began as whispers in the ears of Ken Rosenthal, Jeff Passan and co has now become a full-blown PR nightmare for Manfred, players, and the owners.


As veteran baseball journalist Keith Olbermann said on Tuesday, “there is a disconnect between humanity and baseball owners that exceeds anything else I’ve encountered.” It’s uncanny that Rob Manfred and ownership groups think that what’s going on is ok.

Former Dodgers general manager Fred Claire was stern when he told us that “players and owners better not fail this game over money” …that was a few weeks ago. And it’s only gotten worse.

The clock is ticking on your relevance, MLB.

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