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Former Dodgers All-Star Yasiel Puig Remains Unsigned, Reportedly Turned Down $10M

What a long strange off-season it has been for Yasiel Puig. The former star Dodgers outfielder remains unsigned into March, and teams linked to the former All-Star remain scarce. 

Over the winter months, the Marlins, White Sox, and Giants among other teams have been linked to Puig, but apparently not in the ballpark financial range he was looking for.

Now, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times said that the Anaheim Angels have considered the Cuban native, but not terribly seriously.

Additionally, Puig reportedly turned down a $10M offer earlier in the off-season.

After owner Arte Moreno pulled the plug on a deal that would have sent Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson to Orange County, the connection between the Angels and Puig makes sense.

The 29-year-old remains working out as he looks for a job. Recently he spent time in the cage at Swing Lab in Miami.

The long-time Dodger spent 6 seasons with LA before being traded to the Cincinnati Reds ahead of the 2019 season. He was later traded to the Cleveland Indians as they made a playoff push, but that club finished in second place in the AL Central behind the 101-win Minnesota Twins.

Despite a rough start with Cincy, the outfielder combined for a 101 wRC+ in 149 games in 2019. Moreover, he posted a .297/.377/.423 triple slash line after heading to Cleveland.

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As usual, his play on the field is likely not what’s holding the free agent back from a job. Instead it’s likely his “rap sheet” that’s scaring off teams. His reputation includes tardiness issues and early career troubles with the law.

Someone will eventually ink the Wild Horse — possibly even before opening day — and he’ll once again deliver plus outfield defense and a consistently inconsistent bat to a team in need.

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  1. There are 30 teams in MLB. Please let one of the 29 not named the Dodgers get the poster boy for unfulfilled potential and self glorification.

  2. Some garbage team that could use a fan attraction during their miserable season should sign him

    1. That’s what I’m afraid of. I hope the Dodgers will not look at left field as a potential spot for Puig. Even though Puig is better than Pollack, and less one dimensional than Pederson, his attitude is clubhouse cancer. With Pederson’s hip injury, and Pollack’s injury filled career, the Dodgers may be tempted to go after Puig. They need to resist this temptation and make this divorce final.

    2. When Puig was traded away there was no mention from management, coaches, or players that they would miss him. They are 29 other teams that do not believe Puig is worth what he is asking. That is all I need to know.

  3. Puig still hasn’t figured out what it means to be a professional. He’ll always be a distraction to whatever team signs him.

  4. Much better option than Pollack/Pederson. Better hitter and much better fielder. We put up with him for 6 years why not another if it gets us a WS win?

    1. They didn’t win the WS in the 6 years he was here. Why would you think he would be difference maker now?

  5. Not coming back to the Dodgers, Pollock ain’t going nowhere with that contract. But the vitriol above for Puig is interesting. The “kid” has generally produced in the post season which is more than you can say for “model citizens” Bellinger, Seager and Kershaw.

    1. Puig absolutely showed up big in the post season.Hes a better option as mentioned than Pollock or Pederson. I could see Bellinger, Betts and Puig in the outfield. It would be the best in the majors. Id take him back in a heartbeat. Im not interested in the clubhouse guy! That club house guy hasn’t won a thing, how about some Bad Boys? how about nasty boys? Time to get some grit in the dugout and time to win!

      1. That ship has sailed and it won’t be coming back to the Blue Port of LA. Maybe the red one, who knows. You would have thought that YP would have matured enough to put all his probems behind him but he keeps acting like Mike Tyson, as if he is immune to responible actions. Maybe he should go to Japan for a season or two. The dicipline will either make a man of him or kill him. You hate to have to break a wild horse, but this one needs breaking so he will quit pulling at the bit or kicking at the corral.

  6. You only make yourself look unprofessional by calling the Los Angeles Angels the “Anaheim Angels.”

    1. Oh boy a butthurt Angels fan has stumbled upon this article. How about the cheesy attempt by the angels to be a part of a big market when they don’t even play in the same county

    2. They are the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, not the Los Angeles Angels. There is one LA and one Anaheim. Arte Moreno can buy the team but he can’t buy a city he is not in. MLB threw him this bone. That is all he gets out of it. It sure hasn’t been a winner… maybe a whiner.

  7. Can’t believe a lot of teams aren’t interested in Puig,who’s averaged 25 hrs last 3 years,cubs pay Hayworth over 20 million and he sucks.Analitics are stupid cause it doesn’t measure Puig saved runs when turns doubles I to singles,players think about it twice and most times settle for singles cause he still has the strongest arm in baseball,he hit 24 hrs,83 rbis how is that a bad year,when Hayward had his best year hitting 250,21 hrs 60 rbis.Dodgers always tried to changed him wnen they had to let him had fun.Dodgers made it to 2 straight world series in a row with puig.Last year without puig,got eliminated first round.That says it all.Who ever signs him just let him play his way he’ll be same player from 2013.

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