Former Dodgers GM: Baseball isn’t All Millionaires, Young Players Career are at Stake

The players are out fighting against MLB and its owners for the rights that previous generations built for them. In our chat with former Dodgers general manager Fred Claire, he discusses some of the perceived divide between “rich” players and minimum salary players.

Moreover, if you ask Fred, there isn’t a divide. Young players aren’t looking at veterans with disdain, they just hope to be there themselves one day! But paramount to all 40-man roster players in these critical negotiations on whether baseball will return or not is the service time. Sure the money is important heading toward the end of the current collective bargaining agreement, but players do not want to lose a full year of service time in their prime.


Fred Claire worked in the Dodgers front office from 1969-1998. He assumed the role of General Manager in 1987 and was the architect behind the last World Series title team in Los Angeles. Fred is also a supporter of the fine people at City of Hope and authored a new book titled “Extra Innings: Fred Claire’s Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team” with proceeds going to City of Hope. Available on Amazon and Mascot Books at dodgersnation.com/Fred

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  1. Do the players care about the 42 million people out of work?
    Been a fan since 1954, no baseball this year, the players can take
    their money and play cricket for all I will care.

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