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Former Dodgers Star Adrian Gonzalez Sells His Hancock Park Mansion for Big Money

Adrian Gonzalez might not be playing Major League Baseball anymore, but that has not stopped him from making a ton of money. The former Dodgers’ star recently sold his home in Hancock Park, netting a whole lot of money in return. 

Gonzalez estate in Hancock Park (Hilton & Hyland)

Gonzalez bought the nearly 8000 square foot home back in 2013 for around $5 million. The house sold to a couple this week for a whopping $8.6 million, netting Gonzo a huge return. The massive house features 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Almost enough to have an entire Dodgers’ team over if he wanted to. The house also features a pool and guesthouse out back. 

The Gonzalez family still owns a slightly larger mansion just a few blocks away that they bought in 2018. Gonzo isn’t getting away from the Dodgers, not quite yet! The family also owns a mansion down in La Jolla as well.

Gonzalez came to the Dodgers in the massive blockbuster deal with the Red Sox back in 2012. He played six seasons in Los Angeles, hitting over 100 home runs and becoming a fan favorite. He last played at the big league level in 2018 with the Mets, appearing in 54 games before being released. He has not yet officially announced his retirement from baseball, but has been rumored to still be looking for opportunities to play. 

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  1. Good for Adrian and his family. If you have the means, there is no reason to stay in Lost Angeles.

      1. lmao, yeah, just a cursory read would have told him adrian isnt going anywhere huh?.

  2. It might help to proofread: The bathroom features 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. LOL. That is one big bathroom.

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