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Get A Free Dodgers Nation E-mail Address

That’s right! We’ve had some requests for email addresses at Dodgers Nation. At first, I thought it was a joke, like we all don’t have enough e-mail addresses to manage these days. However, after going over it with a few of the contributors and reading the requests, we decided we’d hear the fans.

Now you might say, “a free Dodgers Nation e-mail address, who cares?” It’s a little more than Dodgers.com offers the fan base. Again, our goal is to enhance the Dodger fan experience, this is just one more thing we bring to our community to show appreciate for being a REAL Dodger Fan.

Getting Started:

  • It’s simply, sign up here and create an account.
  • Once created, I’ll contact you  for the email address you desire.

Having an account with us will also allow you to submit you own content for the website (admin approval required). So if you’re a Dodger fan and want to commit to a website committed to the fans, feel free to join us! Or maybe you just want a email address that represents your fan hood. Regardless of your intentions enjoy being part of Dodgers Nation.

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