Freeway Series: Fan Experience From Dodger Stadium

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Kershaw finally found his groove and settled in as the Dodger offense couldn’t find ways to score additional runs off Hector Santiago. The crowd tried to get back into the game with multiple attempts at generating a wave, but it never gained much sustained momentum.

While the group I was with didn’t participate in the wave, the energy must have caught on since the crowd was alive again. They were up when Matt Kemp got on base, who then proceeded to steal second and reach third on an errant throw.
Scott Van Slyke’s sacrifice fly to score Kemp and put the Dodgers ahead had the crowd on their feet as a win seemed within grasp.

All the excitement was erased when Pujols absolutely crushed a game-tying shot to left off Brian Wilson. The Angels fans in attendance, including some near me, quickly rose to their feet with new life.

Kenley Jansen’s entrance in the ninth was greeted warmly by the crowd and by the time he struck out the side, the energy in the stadium was at it’s highest point of the night. Aided by “Seven Nation Army,” Dodger fans began to cheer with hope of a walk-off win.

By the time Andre Ethier made his pinch-hit appearance with runners on the corners and one out, the entire crowd was on their feet. Most of the fans had their phones out hoping to record a game-winning hit and though it wasn’t a hit, Ethier drove in the walk-off run.

Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” blared over the speakers as the crowd celebrated the victory. The close game was naturally accompanied by the majority of the crowd staying until the end.

Getting out of the stadium was troublesome at best. The game ended at 10:10 and my group made the decision to remain in the stadium for a bit before making the trek back to the car.

We arrived to the car at 10:40 and didn’t get out of the gates until 11:15. That didn’t mean a home-free drive however, as it was another 10 minutes to the freeway due to an accident and the parking staff having trouble directing cars.

Overall, the night was a good one for Dodger fans. There weren’t any negative Dodgers-Angels fan incidents that I encountered. With the series shifting to Anaheim on Wednesday, I will have the opportunity to compare my experiences attending the Freeway Series as a home and road fan.
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