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Game Recap: Dodgers Drop Sixth Straight

The Dodgers slump continued on Saturday as they lost their sixth straight game with a 4-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Caleb Ferguson got the start in a bullpen game as he was filling in for the injured Hyun-Jin Ryu. He went 2 2/3 innings and allowed one run, which came on a home run from Mike Moustakas in the second inning.

Dennis Santana relieved Ferguson with two on in the third inning. He walked Jesus Aguilar to load the bases and then he struck out Travis Shaw to strand the runners. Santana also collected his second career hit in the 3rd inning.

In the fourth inning, Orlando Arcia homered to push the Brewers lead to 2-0.

In the bottom of the fourth, Cody Bellinger continued to rake as he hit his ninth home run of the season. He was really the only highlight of the game.

The Brewers extended their lead in the fifth inning as Travis Shaw hit a two-run single off of Max Muncy’s glove with the bases loaded.

That finished off the scoring in the game as the final four innings were scoreless for both teams.

Brewers’ starter Zach Davies pitched seven innings, allowing one run on eight hits. He struck out six and walked none. Junior Guerra pitched the final two innings to pick up the save.

It was another pathetic showing from the offense. The Dodgers should start looking into cloning technology so they can put eight Bellinger’s on the field. It might help the offense.

The Dodgers will try to end their losing streak tomorrow at 1:10 p.m. They will send Ross Stripling (0-1, 3.78) to the hill and the Brewers will counter with Jhoulys Chacin (2-1, 4.24).

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  1. Last night, I felt like I was at the first week of Spring Training. You get the players to work the kinks out there, not during the regular season. The Dodgers cannot always rely on a game 163 to make the Post Season. They did not look ready against a good team.

    1. Oh, by the way. The new menu so far has been 0-2. The “street corn” was nothing more than canned corn in a plastic helmet. Last night’s Dodger Sausage, advertised as having cilantro-lime cream and stuffed with pineapple? More like dried cream cheese on top of no pineapple. Huge miss at 13.50.

  2. Funny how the new offense looks and acts like the old offense. So these batting instructors from Arizona are not the saviors they were made out to be. Feast or Famine is the Dodger way!………………When we get these 3 injured pitchers back, we will still have problems because they can never stay healthy and the ball is really juiced. Watch the Met kid break Bellinger’s rookie HR record………………………

  3. Bellinger should do what is best for his career and leave the Dodgers. Dont waste your career there like Kershaw did his. Such a great pitcher with no WS championship is a shame.

    1. That’s kershaws fault he had his chances to win big games and he couldn’t. This is right where he belongs actually

  4. Unwatchable. Robert’s and Friedman need to go. Overuse of the bullpen, quick hooks for our ‘best in the game’ starters, failure to sign a significant starting arm in the off season are just a few of the mismanaged mistakes. The only thing SD is missing this year is a front line veteran starter. Watch them sign Kluber at the deadline while we do nothing but start another reclamation project.

  5. Been a Dodger fan for 7 years.. last 3 years and now this year.. worst teams ever…. mmmmmm wonder who been in front office and manger those years???

  6. It’s proving to be petulant behavior by Roberts and management to constantly rely on platooning and sybermetrics as the weapon for victory. But they do have good Dodger dogs.

  7. Another anemic offensive showing…..UGH!….this team is dead from the neck up right now….can’t help but wonder how long this offensive slump will last…..woulda coulda shoulda, shoulda left Ferguson on the mound……but since we cannot score runs, guess it does not really matter who pitches at this point. And Dave……..put Verdugo permanently in right, then move Bellinger back to first…bench the Munster…..if you cannot score runs, you better focus on preventing them. We cannot afford clanking gloves on defense any longer.

    1. Aside from pitching, the hitters looked much improved, but seem to have reverted to old habits, and leaving men on base!! Maybe the other teams have made adjustments as well.

  8. Last night, Guggenheim made he same amount of money if the Dodgers had won. Bottom line, middle line, top line.

  9. ………and with Stripling starting tonite, you better put your best defense on the field………just sayin!

  10. Of course Grandal can suddenly hit well right handed now that he’s elsewhere. Typical former Dodger

    1. I don’t know about you, but I was tired of Grandal’s defensive lapses…….I am glad he’s gone, not matter how well he may hit. Who wants a catcher who cannot catch the ball when it’s thrown to him? (Grin!)

  11. I read an Orange County Register newspaper article stating the Dodgers were 8-8 and 7-9 the past two seasons after 16-games. I just hope the Dodgers haven’t become comfortable with this start.The article noting the Dodgers stating that “they have been here before” these “slow starts.” I know the Dodgers fell to 16-26 in the middle of May. I believe the Padres are going to be better than what the “experts” say. Don’t look now but the Giants are just 1-game behind the Dodgers! C’mon guys wake-up, focus on the job at hand!

  12. I really don’t know where to begin, but all the posts above me here are right on the money! If Andy and puppet Roberts think that managing this team the same way they did last year with all the platooning, moving players all over the lineup and on the field, a BP that is SO INEPT it’s not funny, then we won’t worry about playing in October this year. And OH, BTW no real starting pitching right now either! And CK, Hill cannot save this rotation by themselves.

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