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Gerrit Cole Free Agency: Angels Owner willing to ‘do whatever it takes’

The Angels have just renewed their relationship with the city of Anaheim and owner Arte Moreno wants to make sure it starts off with a bang. The franchise with the best player of at least this generation in Mike Trout, has to decide if they are going to step it up to build a contender around him.

Take this for what it’s worth. Ryan isn’t really prone to dropping “sources say” type news on his twitter, but there’s no reason to think that he doesn’t have a few contacts in the front office who have amazing hearing abilities while working on their admin duties. We all know Gerrit Cole is the top prize, but hopefully, this helps measure the level of desperation the Angels have to start competing.

Despite their pickup of long-time Oriole Dylan Bundy on Wednesday, the Angels need an ace to help them compete for at least a playoff spot next year… and Cole is as good as they come. Mike Trout is wasting away as the lone star Angel in their outfield. Shohei Ohtani is coming back stronger, having recovered from all his injuries and from a business perspective, they need to do something to compete with all the other sports teams in Southern California.

Cole has met with the Yankees, Dodgers and Angels these past few days, but with agent Scott Boras, this is most likely the first of many more meetings Cole has with these teams.

The Yankees have the prestige and championship potential.

The Angels have the hometown leverage and Mike Trout.

The Dodgers have the prestige, a bit of the hometown leverage and are on the cusp of winning a World Series.

It’s up to Cole to see if which situation he wants to fall into. The pressure of New York versus the comforts of home vs. helping to bring a World Series to the real city of Los Angeles.

When trying to court a free agent, it’s great to see a bit of the competitors hands and the Dodgers Front Office is going to have to take advantage of this sneak peek how much the Angels want the number one ace in Free Agency.

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  1. Let Arte do what he does best ie. Overpay by a lot for Cole!!
    Dodgers should Re Sign Ryu, sign Rendon, and acquire a reliever or two with upside on the cheap.
    If that means they are at first level tax SO WHAT ……next year Turner leads $$$OFF THE BOOKS and Following year Kershaw leads even greater$$$$ OFF THE BOOKS!!!!!

  2. I agree with Wally. Don’t get into a bidding war over Cole. History has shown it rarely works out well for the team (As much as we all love Kershaw I bet the Dodgers regret extending his contract). I really don’t understand why GMs are willing to extend a long contracts knowing that the last 2-3, or more, years will mostly likely be sub-par. Future pay for past performance doesn’t make good business sense.

    Get Rendon, resign Ryu and rework Maeda’s contract so it makes sense for him to move to the pen. If he doesn’t agree, then package him up for a trade for a quality BP arm, then give Urias and May a true shot to make the rotation. I think a rotation of Buehler, CK, Ryu, May and Urias would be a very strong one.

  3. Folks, I would guess at this time that Cole will eventually sign with the Yankees or the Angels because both of those teams said they would ‘do whatever it takes’ to get him. Not to worry he will NOT be a Dodger in 2020.

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