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Giancarlo Stanton Will Approve Trade To Four Teams Including Dodgers

The Giancarlo Stanton saga just got more interesting. Craig Mish of SiriusXM tweeted a list of teams that Stanton would approve.

Perhaps the most noticeable part of this list is that it does not include the Giants or Cardinals, who reportedly already had deals in place to land the slugger. If Stanton refuses to be dealt to either San Francisco or St. Louis, that leaves the Dodgers as the most likely option. It was already rumored that the Giants felt the Dodgers were the biggest threat, and this just adds fuel to that.

Stanton’s interest to play for a contender must outweigh his need to be traded immediately. This was confirmed by Mish as well.

All four of the teams listed made it to the League Championship Series this past season, so they all fit the contender model that Giancarlo is seeking. However, it’s unclear if all of these teams have even shown interest in the reigning MVP. The Dodgers interest has been well documented, but it hasn’t been confirmed if any progress has been made between the two sides. The Yankees also recently came into the conversation, first mentioned by Jim Bowden.

This may come down to a bidding war between the Dodgers and Yankees. The Cubs and Astros could both become contenders, but to this point it hasn’t been reported that either are even pursuing Stanton. All four teams have the pieces to get him, and could all benefit from his prolific bat being in their lineup. The question that remains is money, will any of these teams be willing to take on enough of Stanton’s mammoth contract to entice the Marlins?

The obvious choice still remains the Dodgers. Los Angeles is Giancarlo’s home, and they are set up to contend long term. The Dodgers trying to get under the luxury tax threshold may be the only real obstacle. Clayton Kershaw having an option in his contract after the 2018 season also adds a complication, as the Dodgers will likely have to pay him even more than his current $33 million per season that he’s set to make. Still, with money coming off the books in after next season and multiple bad contracts that can be moved, they can make it work.

The Giants and Cardinals still can’t be completely ruled out, but their hopes certainly just got slim. This may ultimately drag out the process, unless one of the listed teams is closer to a deal with Miami than has been reported. Where do you think Stanton will land? Let us know in the comments!

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