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Giants Expect Giancarlo Stanton Decision This Week; Dodgers Biggest Threat

Reports about Giancarlo Stanton over the last month or so have been fairly lukewarm. Almost all of them have revolved around the Giants, Cardinals, and Dodgers and the likelihood of each team acquiring the Miami slugger. Well, it’s looking like this stove is about to heat up.

Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area tweeted on Wednesday that the Giants are expecting an answer from Giancarlo Stanton by the end of the week. He also added that they view the Dodgers, not the Cardinals, as their biggest threat!

The Dodgers being the Giants’ biggest threat might hold some weight, especially since Jon Morosi tweeted this on Tuesday night:

According to Craig Mish of Sirius XM, the full trade offer from the Giants includes $250 million of Stanton’s contract and top prospects Tyler Beede, Heliot Ramos, Chris Shaw, and Christian Arroyo. This is a pretty good package, but that doesn’t mean it is because these prospects are out of this world.

Back in the middle of November, Jon Morosi tweeted that teams told the Marlins that Stanton’s contract is what he would receive on the open market. This means that it wouldn’t make sense for a team to take on the entire contract as well as include top prospects. However, if Craig Mish’s report is true, then the Giants are taking on almost all of Stanton’s contract and sending over their top four prospects.

So the Marlins potentially have a great deal on the line with the Giants, and now all that is left is for Giancarlo Stanton to give them the okay. But before that can happen, it’s looking like the Dodgers might have something to say about it since the Giants see them as their biggest threat.

It is no secret that the Dodgers have been on the top of Giancarlo Stanton’s list, and his full no-trade clause gives him the final say. Jon Morosi tweeted this just a few days ago:

Stanton appears inclined to wait for complete clarity [on #Dodgers interest] before fully embracing other alternatives.

The craziness that has been Giancarlo Stanton rumors might be coming to a close this week. On one hand, it would be horrific to see a presence like Giancarlo Stanton in a Giants’ uniform. On the other hand, if San Francisco acquires him they could potentially be giving away quite a bit of their future in the form of both payroll and prospects. For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens next!

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