Giants, Not Dodgers Were ‘Seconds Away’ From Signing Greinke

The hits just keep on coming, don’t they? Every time you think to yourself, “alright, that’s about all the negative headlines the Dodgers can compile” some new headline comes out that doesn’t paint a pretty picture of this offseason.

This time, the rumor concerns Zack Greinke and which team came in second to sign him — which honestly shouldn’t matter at all, but still kinda hurts to read.

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This, via CSN Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic:

When Greinke was introduced to the Phoenix media he said that he was “minutes away from going to a different team … it was that close.” It was assumed that Greinke meant the Dodgers, but industry sources have told CSN Bay Area that the Giants are believed to be the “different team,” that Greinke was prepared to choose orange and black when the Diamondbacks swooped in at the last minute.

Again, it really doesn’t matter at all who placed second to sign Greinke as no silver medal is awarded to the team that nearly missed out; but it still feels like it does.

Now, it also should be mentioned that the report comes from the San Francisco area and utilizes anonymous industry sources to give their side of how it happened. It’s altogether likely a different set of such sources might say that, no, it was the Dodgers who came oh, so close.

This isn’t about any actual value to the team beyond public perception. Now, having worked in public relations, I’ll tell you that does matter to ticket sales, sponsorships and other such things, which is why we’ll probably see a report soon to the contrary from a source close to the Dodgers’ operation.

We’ve passed the time to simply move on from no longer having Zack Greinke. As you can see, though, the ripples of his departure will have an impact in ways most don’t consider.

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  1. Sorry, I see this as a good thing. The bottom line is that our main rival didn’t get Grienke.

  2. This team is a day late and a dollar short on every deal, so it is hardly a surprise.  I’m about ready to bring Fred Claire back to town (as GM), and he’s got to be pushing 90.

  3. So far, the front office has ‘failed’ in making David Price the highest paid Dodger pitcher. They have ‘failed’ in giving an old by any baseball standard pitcher a quarter of a billion dollars. They have ‘failed’ in giving two underachieving pitchers big contracts when neither looked good to their talent evaluators, at least at that price. They backed out of a deal with a 35 year old pitcher when he failed his physical. They made a trade for a quality relief pitcher that fell through when details of his legal situation emerged. I’d say they’ve dodged a few bullets and are none the
    worse for wear with more than a month to do something before Spring Training.

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