Dodgers Nation Giveaways | Rules & Directions for Big Prizes

Giveaways and prizes for the BEST fan base in all of baseball! Dodgers Nation, we are so excited about our team as they work toward another World Series title in 2023. To share our excitement, we’ll be announcing new giveaways all throughout the season.

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As we enter the month of May, the Dodgers are primed to play their best baseball of the season! And with nice, warm nights ahead, fans should be heading out to Dodger Stadium in bunches. SO, to help people look fresh and ready to rep the boys in blue, we are teaming to give away a $50 gift credit to get some gear from our friends at GearUp LA!


Gather as many tickets as you can to have more opportunities to win!

The giveaway runs from May 1 @ 4 PM PT to Sunday, May 7 @ 11:59 PM PT. The winner will be announced LIVE on our Blue Heaven stream on Monday, May 8th in the 4 PM PT hour.

Dodgers Gear Giveaway!

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