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How To Vote Matt Kemp Into All-Star Game

A Guide On How To Vote Matt Kemp Into The All Star Game

I know a lot of fans are not going to games to show MLB, Dodgers, and media the displeasure with ownership. However, we still need to show our support for the players that we’ve all grown to love as our Dodgers. We need to vote as much as possible. Maybe you have some friends that you know would want to vote, but simply don’t have the time. This is your chance to vote for them.


1) Have a collection of at least 4 different e-mail addresses. This could be of friends, family, or even secondary email addresses you have for yourself.

If you need more free e-mail addresses, sign up at any of the following :

Now that you have your email address arsenal in order, it’s time to get those bad boys maxed out (25 votes per email address).

2) Head over to the Ballot: 2011 ALL Star Ballot. Select the Dodger Players for each category and click on VOTE.

3) This next page you’ll enter in your information. Once completed the first vote, you can continue to vote on that same page with only having to enter a ‘Validation Key’ to verify you’re not a bot. Do this 25 times, or until it tells you you’ve reach the max limits of votes. [See Image]

4) Stay on that form and simply change the email address and do it over and over.

If you have successfully completed those steps with 4 email addresses, then you voted 100 times for your Los Angeles Dodgers.

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