How Would a Dodgers Trade for Mookie Betts Work for Both Teams?

With the Winter Meetings beginning next week, Andrew Friedman and company will surely be looking to improve the Dodgers in any way possible. One name to keep an eye on is Red Sox star Mookie Betts, who LA has recently been linked to

A trade for Betts could make a lot of sense for both teams.

From the Red Sox standpoint, they are already over the luxury tax threshold for 2020, something owner John Henry has gone on the record saying he wants to avoid. Between the bad contracts of David Price, Nate Eovaldi, and Dustin Pedroia, along with the premier talents of J.D. Martinez, Chris Sale, and Xander Bogaerts being paid handsomely, Boston’s best way to shed payroll would be to trade Mookie Betts.

Betts will be a free agent next winter, and with the Red Sox tied up to all the contracts listed above, it seems unlikely they’ll be able to re-sign him. Combine this with their desire to cut costs for this coming season, and he is a prime trade candidate. 

Betts, 27, is one of the best outfielders in the league, showing an ability to contribute with both his bat and glove. Over the past five seasons, he has remained durable and been a model of consistency, accumulating 35.4 fWAR. 

This is where the Dodgers step in.

The reason Los Angeles makes for such a good trade partner is that they have an abundance of what the Red Sox need: young, cost-controlled pieces who can contribute immediately. Boston has far too much talent to engage in a full on rebuild, so they need cheap youth to remain competitive while saving the team money. 

As we saw with the Felipe Vazquez negotiations, Gavin Lux and Dustin May are most likely off limits. However, names such as Alex Verdugo, Tony Gonsolin, Keibert Ruiz, DJ Peters, Edwin Rios, and Dennis Santana could all be had in the right trade. A more detailed breakdown of which prospects could be traded can be seen here.

Just for kicks, I loaded up Out of the Park Baseball 20’s simulator engine, to see what package the AI version of new Red Sox Chairman Chaim Bloom would take for Mookie Betts. The result was quite interesting.

This is a deal that works well for both teams. Dodgers lose depth and a collection of promising young players, but add a bonafide superstar to pair in the outfield along with Cody Bellinger. From the Red Sox perspective, they dip under the luxury tax, while still maintaining the ability to contend next year.

This is how a Mookie Betts trade could benefit both teams. If the Red Sox are indeed willing to move Betts, the ball will be in Andrew Friedman’s court. 

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  1. Dodgers are not going to trade the quality of players the Bosox would want in return for Betts when it can just spend money and sign Rendon for a position (third base) which is a greater need. If the Dodgers were to trade valuable assets for a player it is more likely that they would target Francisco Lindor who has two years of team control.

  2. Verdugo is off limits as far as I’m concerned.The others I would be willing to trade if Betts would sign a long term contract.

    1. Agree…There can be no trade without a signed deal with Betts. One year rental and if the WS is again lost…now we’re out youth/talent and more and no Betts either.
      Rendon and or Cole/Strasburg. Keep our players of tomorrow…just spend some money and all will be great.

    2. So is Gonsolin as far as I can see. The rest, including Gavin Lux, who hasn’t impressed me at all, can all be had.. Trade Joc Pedersen Lux and of the remaining players and the Red Sox would be stupid not to do it. The Dodgers should demand a sign and trade though so they can have him for at least 4 years, otherwise don’t do it…

  3. Taryn and Blue, I concur with both of you as far as Betts goes…NO 1 year rental after trading that much depth. And Dodgers have the $ to get who they need without trading top prospect depth and or Lux, Verdugo and all.

  4. You’re on drugs!Verdugo stays and is superior defending and has an arm 3 times stronger than betts,and soon will become a 310+ hitter with 20 to 25 hrs playing in Dodgers stadium cause if he was playing in Fenway he easily hits over 30 like betts.Betts numbers would drop by a lot playing in Dodgers stadium,You guys never consider Where they play you just look at their numbers playing in small ballparks and quickly jump the gun.Oh this player can be traded to Dodgers for Joc or Verdugo and so on.Stop all the stupidity.look at Machado’s numbers playing in similar situation as Dodgers stadium that’s why Steve Harvey deserves to be in the hall,cause if he had played somewhere else he easily would have hit over 500 hrs and 1500 rbis but he played in the 2 hardest places to hit hrs.

    1. Verdugo will win a batting title soon. Off limits. Gonsolin and May should the same as well. Gather up the very unnecessary Pederson, Pollock, Kiki, Taylor, Jansen, Kershaw and free up roster space. Won’t miss a beat with these guys gone considering the youth are ready now. No need for Betts if it’s a one year rental unless there is a sign and trade situation. Then if he resigns OK maybe the top level prospects can be traded. The swamp of horrible nothing playoff and WS players need to be drained to get a WS win .

  5. Luis… I’m a Dodgers AND Red Sox fan (yeah that was hard in the WS)… Betts is unquestionably a superior defender over Verdugo… offers equal offense… probably more HR’s and gives the Dodgers a much need RIGHTY in the lineup… I want Betts over Verdugo…

  6. How Would a Dodgers Trade for Mookie Betts Work for Both Teams?
    Answer: It wouldn’t.

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