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ICYMI: Day 3 in New York for Pantone294 and DodgersNation

The New York Yankees are used to seeing an abundance of blue in their bleachers. However, we don’t think they were used to Pantone294 blue.

I don’t think New York was ready for the tsunami of Dodger blue to be in their stadium. The first game of the Dodgers vs Yankees series was a true testament to the dedication of the LA fans.

Dodgers Nation Road Trip: Pantone 294 Lands in New York

As the Dodgers were taking care of business on the field, fans were holding up the stands! The third game attracted over 1,300 Dodger fans! They overtook the seats from third base, all the way to the left field foul pole. Was New York expecting it? No. Did they like it? No. Did it work? Yes!

The game was 0-0 until Justin Turner ran home to put the first number on the board! Closely following Turner, Yasmani Grandal went home to ultimately end the the game 2-0! Dodger fans went crazy in celebration!

MLB showed off the Dodger section by giving them a lot of air time! Read here for their take!

A strong contingent of Dodgers fans held their own roll call at Yankee Stadium

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