Imagining 2019 New Year’s Resolutions for the Dodgers

Editor’s note: this post is meant to be comical in nature, and is done purely in jest. No players were consulted or harmed during this process.

It’s almost the new year and that means we are getting closer and closer to Dodgers baseball again! As we welcome 2019, I’m sure we all have resolutions of our own that we would like to achieve… but I can’t help but feel that some Dodgers players are right there along with us.


Justin Turner — My resolution for the new year is to continue to be amazing! …and to maybe look out for inside fastballs.

Joc Pederson — I resolve to not forget my new and wonderful baby at Target.

Chris Taylor — My resolution this year is to make sure I work on my cool poses while I strike out looking another 100 or so times.

Cody Bellinger — I resolve to read the instructions on ALL items I put into my oven.

Alex Verdugo — I promise to have the most EXTRA chainz in the game.

Kike Hernandez — My resolution is to make up with @realFRG on Twitter and unblock him.

Clayton Kershaw — My new year’s resolution is to make my way over to the “magic velocity factory” in Houston and start throwing 98mph fastballs this season. I also plan to win another Cy Young and like 5 MVPs.

Max Muncy — My resolution is to not let the clock strike midnight.

Pedro Baez — I too resolve to not let the clock strike midnight.

Joe Kelly — My resolution is to finally help the Dodgers for once!

Kenley Jansen — I promise to care more! Like Ice T from Rick and Morty!

Austin Barnes — For 2019, my resolution is to have more Dodgers fans like me…

Rich Hill — I’m hitting a homerun. That’s it. That’s my resolution.

Walker Buehler — My resolution is start every postseason game so we can just win a World Series already.

Corey Seager — I resolve to not steal yo girl.

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  1. It’s hard to pinpoint where the Dodgers can improve. After the collapse in managing in the 2017 World Series, what more can be done?

  2. Hopefully the 2 stooges realised that platoon lineups don’t win championships and can’t buy one.Great teams don’t platoon their players.ley Joc play everyday He’s going to be The Dodgers Mr October but needs to play everyday against lefties too.

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