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Joe Buck Doesn’t Think 2018 Dodgers’ World Series Was Compelling

In the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2018 World Series against the Boston Red Sox, Joe Buck and John Smoltz didn’t endear themselves to Dodgers fans. This was partially due to the result of each game – and the tone of Buck and Smoltz in the booth.

Now, Buck has gone a step further. He’s doubling down folks. Buck said in a conference call with WEEI that the 2018 World Series ‘was not compelling’.

Joe Buck’s Quote on the 2018 World Series

The games were really not that compelling. (John) Smoltz has gone from the darling three years ago to, ‘He hates baseball.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s that he loves the game, and he’s not that (removed) from playing, and he wants to see a certain approach that’s starting to disappear in the game. I’m not sure analytics, launch angle and all of that is producing better baseball. He has said 1 million times to me, because they’re allowing the shift, sluggers say, ‘If I hit the ball on the ground, I’m going to make an out, because everyone is on this side of the field. So I’m going to swing and try to launch the ball out of the ballpark, and we don’t care about strikeouts.’ That might be fine in the regular season, but the better at-bats belonged to the Red Sox, and to me, that’s why they won. They fought to get on base, they went deep into at-bats, and they were able to put the bat on the ball, and get runs. I think that’s always going to help a team win. It might not be the only way, but my God, if putting the bat on the ball and creating action isn’t better than swinging and missing, then I don’t understand it either.

Moreover, Buck also added that he would like to see the pace of play improved. Still, one cannot argue that Buck and Smoltz took on the tone of two guys who would rather be elsewhere during the five game series this past October.

While the items Buck gives mention to are valid – it brings into question – is it an announcer’s job to display professionalism at all times regardless of the style of play ongoing? I feel like it is.

Your Thoughts

Does Joe Buck have a point? How did you feel about him calling the 2018 World Series? Finally, was the 2018 World Series between two of baseball’s most storied teams compelling or not? You let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m not a fan of Buck and I think Smoltz is better with Costas. That said, I would rather watch baseball the way Boston played than what the Dodgers have been putting on the field. It was excruciating seeing all those runners left on base and watching all the post-K walks back to the dugout.

      1. Yes, and they out managed the dodgers. I am a rabid dodger fan. Joe Buck is the worst in the world and I don’t care what he thinks, now we will have to listen to him during the super bowl. Wake up Fox!

    1. Joe Bucks announcing is about as interesting as the south end of a northbound jackass. His boring diatribe helped me to sleep at night during the WS. He is better than ambien and a “medicinal” joint.

      1. I think the Series would have been more compelling if I could have taken it off “mute”. Please can we have one major sporting event without having to listen to this obnoxious jackass!!

      1. I was plenty compelled by it. Didn’t like the result but if you love baseball; the fall classic with your team in it, nothing better.

    2. Joe buck wasn’t a professional this last World Series you could hear The hatred in he’s voice that he had for both of these teams especially the dodgers he would never admit it but he hated the fact that the dodgers and the red sox made it to the World Series you are a scumbag joe buck I used to think you where the best not no more I will rather see costas calling baseball games on Fox with John Smoltz then joe bucks overrated byus vin scully hating cardinal loving punk as5

      1. I agree I couldn’t stand listening to Joe Buck call the World Series I really hope they find someone else to take his place I know so many people who really think Joe is a piece of shit

    3. They were the same during the NL Championship, Joe Buck is terrible, he knows very little on Baseball and Football on Thursday nights are worse, the NFL channel ratings have to be a all time low.

      1. They seemed to take on a heel persona during the NLCS, I will admit. Towards Los Angeles

    4. Any announcer that is so verbal and sets tone to his own likes shouldn’t be working the broadcast this is non professional, Could you imagine Trying to sell a Chevy but being a Ford guy and all you could do is talk smack about the Chevy well you wouldn’t be selling Chevy long, I know several people turned off the TV sound and put on the radio for audio of that don’t say anything about how bad Joe Buck was I don’t know what will. JOE Buck is going to get a stocking full of coal.

  2. He said it well. I would add the Sox had the better manager who was a risk taker with Eavoldi. His opposing Manager has a habit of pulling a guy early who was throwing 6 innings of shutout ball then coming back with a stressed Madsen was just absurd. That was put LA at 1-3 instead of 2-2 and ended their chances. I am a huge Dodger fan but they were lucky to make it to the series. Don’t like Buck either but he is correct on this take.

  3. Hm. The Red Sox struck out 53 times in the WS, and hit 8 HRs. The Dodgers struck out 56 times and hit 6 HRs. It sounds to me as if their approaches were pretty much identical.

    1. It’s what happens between the HR’s and strike outs that makes the difference. Red Sox scored more runs when needed, end of story. Don’t get me wrong as I’ve loved the Dodger since 1961 but man, I was embarrassed really bad.

  4. Please dont come back next yr..stay home or go do what ever it is u do better..bcuz calling the game wasnt one of a DODGER FAN I hate u!

  5. I am a big Dodger fan and I have to agree with you. I was not impressed with the Dodgers style of play. Let’s get back to basics, fundamentals, and how about some fun.

  6. The criticism of the Dodger hitting approach was valid. Despite getting to World Series, the Dodgers were excruciating to follow. I have a Dodger fan for about 30 since I was a kid, but I never have seen a winning team fail like a Dodgers did with situational hitting. How many times did we see a Dodger batter try to hit the ball into the next county with runners in scoring position? Its as if they didnt know how to hit to the right side to move a runner along or hit a sacrifice fly. Maybe with this new hitting coach, maybe players will take a new approach to 2 strike situation. We can only hope…

    1. I completely agree with you but must say situational hitting comes from strategy, and strategy is dictated by the manager, not the hitting coach.

  7. You have to hit it to win it. All these K’s being ok to these ballplayers is disturbing. Where is their professional pride?

  8. Well, when it comes to things that are not compelling, I do think of Joe Buck.

  9. Joe Buck is a crummy announcer , he should not be allowed to ever call another Dodger game , I turned down the sound and listened to the Dodgers Radio feed , even with the delay , it was better than listening to that Dodger hater

  10. As a Dodger fan the series was not compelling because the Dodgers were not sufficiently competitive. But you could not help but notice how much Buck dislikes the Dodgers. I guess it comes from his regular job as the voice of the (former) Dodger rival St. Louis Cardinals. Remember how the Dodgers crushed the Cards slim hopes in their final series this year – Joe was still miffed, apparently.

    On the other hand Smoltz is fantastic. He is colorful and inciteful, most times getting to the crux of a situation before it reveals itself on the field. Joe Davis and Smoltz were a better team without the leaden conceit of Buck and creating more lively banter. Time for Buck to go.

  11. even though the Dodgers were outplayed in all levels, it did not help how one-sided the announcers were…..there was never a kind word shown to the Dodgers even though they didn’t play as if they belonged there. I have been a Dodger fan since they were in New York and this is the worst of the Dodgers and equally worst of the announcers….I turned off the sound because they were so biased and watch the Red Sox humiliate the Dodgers…..mute button got a workout

    1. Lol?. Just asking. What “kind words” did you expect the man to say about the Dodgers? “The Dodgers are a manly smelling team, but they sure can’t hit.”

  12. Today’s broadcasters: sometimes are just like saber metrics, to much info which may not coincide with the situation. I was brought up with Vin Scully. Just like the broadcasters of yesteryear, they just broadcast, describe what was happening on the field. They filled in the gaps with personality of the players. Score, inning, count, who’s on base, on deck hitter, bullpen activity, etc. There are many times broadcasters agree or disagree with the state of how the game is played today. Opinions are warranted … on the MLB Network. Broadcasters forget that they are there to call the game as indicated above. Sprinkle in past experience is entertaining but you’re done now. Mr. Buck: I do believe Joe Buck Sr.’s rule was just to call what was happening on the field. K.I.S.S.

  13. I don’t know what their problem was as the team they were obviously rooting for won. Their broadcasting was dull and flat. Perhaps they should review some of the World Series that Vin Scully broadcast. Some of them were real stinkers and he still managed to keep the viewers interested. There may be only one Vin, but there are other broadcasters that enjoy watching and reporting on baseball even if the game or series isn’t “Compelling”. It’s called love of the game and professionalism, something they are lacking.

    When traveling and I notice a little league baseball game about lunchtime, I’ll stop and buy the hot dog and watch the game for a while because, gee, I love baseball.

  14. Long time dodger fan, and I think Smoltz is right in a lot of things. Most dodger hitters would rather strikeout[sometimes on ball 4] than try to choke up and take a single[or walk]. Also overseeing. And hitting right into the shift.Roberts use of Madson was nothing more than crazy. I think Roberts wants to show faith in players by putting them Into a game [Madson] over and over and getting the same result. The confused look on Roberts face after yet another failure is priceless . the dodgers lack of old school values lost them games .so many things that Smoltz us right about. Buck. Just needs to go away, but at least he’s better than chip Carey who seems to forget that theirs a game going on and is more interest in mindless chatter with his co hosts.

      1. That may be but getting walked and then going to the dugout from a base isn’t very profitable.

  15. Joe Buck was almost as awful in announcing the Series as the Dodgers were in playing it. A lose/lose all the way around.

  16. Among the myriad reasons for the defeat of the Dodgers at the hands of the Red Sox, the central antagonist would have to be the failure of the stringent platoon. It not only limited consistent at-bat opportunities, restricting them to pinch-hitting roles essentially, but also disqualified certain hitters who were needed in the lineup no matter the handedness. The stop-and-start quality of the offense was adversely affected by this intractable box. The next culprit is Dave Roberts, whose scripted decisions and dizzying mistakes irreversibly cemented the Dodger’s nadir. His was an atrocious and dismissible affront, unforgivable really. The rest can be excused, including starting pitching and bullpen.

    1. Joe Buck has to go! From what I’m reading, a lot of people agree! He is the worst ever!
      Fox needs to call Bob Costas!
      Smoltz is good, he deserves to work with someone better!
      Buck is a f…… asshole!!!

  17. I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1958 when they first arrived in Los Angeles. And of course I’ve been spoiled by the great Vin Scully for 60 seasons up to his retirement. No baseball announcer will ever measure up to Vinny, in my opinion.
    Both Buck and Smoltz were so obvious in their bias against the Dodgers. They yakked on and on about the Red Sox but never really embraced the Dodgers in any way, shape, or form. Today’s announcers are so full of themselves and just have to give their opinions instead of calling the action on the field. And is there anything more annoying than having 3 yakkers in the booth, with the camera on them, while one ex-jock goes on and on about something from his playing days? And not a one of them calling the action on the field? Whose brilliant idea did that come from? A pox on the program directors who focus their cameras on these long winded windbags! We don’t want to hear their tired old stories. The job of a color man is to color and enhance the action on the field, not to re-color his own past. In other words, help make the game being played, be it spring training or the World Series, more compelling.

    1. Braves fan here. I was rooting for the Dodgers because that’s my league. I even stayed up for the marathon game 3 (and I live in England — that game ended around 8 a.m. my time — I whooped and hollered when the Dodgers won). I agree that Buck and Smoltz talked more about the Red Sox, but I also felt that’s because the Red Sox were doing everything right — there was simply more to talk about there. I watched every game because I love baseball. But I can certainly see why casual fans would have considered the Series boring, and it had nothing to do with Smoltz or Buck. The teams were not evenly matched.

  18. Buck is hard to listen to, but in this case he is right. Teams need to understand that the post season is a different animal. To succeed, their going to need to shift gears once it starts, and the analysis you get over 162 games isn’t what is going to happen in a short series where there is exponentially more stress on the players. At that point, they are in a need to perform situation where they need to play in a way that benefits the team in a win today fashion, not a percentage of the time over a full season. Analytics is ok for a season long approach, but in the postseason (and trips to SF) execution carries a far greater value.

  19. Joe Buck can and should go to hell, along with all of Fox sports and their propaganda station. Guys of his ilk are where they are only because of their fathers, to whom he cannot hold a candle.

  20. I think he’s right in that sense of the context. Joe and John just aren’t very colorful in their announcement of the game which doesn’t help the cause. As the game evolves so should the announcing.

  21. I would rather listen to anyone else but Joe Buck call Baseball. I felt the announcing was all about the Red Sox. There were two teams on the field in spite of the Dodgers not competing to the level we are used to seeing. I agree that the announcers should be professional at all times. They certainly have their favorite teams, but I don’t believe that they should be displaying that during the games.

  22. Ed

    Having been a Dodger season ticket holder for 41 years, I’ve seen the best of times; I’ve seen the worst of times. Now just getting into the World Series is a huge feat in itself. The Dodgers in 2018 eliminated 28 other major league teams from a championship. However, when playing a team the caliber of Boston, adjustments have to be made in order to have a fighting chance of beating such a team. I feel that other decisions and strategy should have been used in this series. Nevertheless, the announcers should not make negative comments about either team.

  23. I hate to admitted but he is right! I have my doubts about Dave Roberts, and if they want to win a Worls Series the organization needs somebody that knows about making the right choices when it comes to the bullpen.

  24. Being a lifelong Dodger fan I have to agree with Smoltz that the lack of strategic direction is painful. In the 18 inning game the Dodgers has the lead off runner on base in the 12th and failed to move him over or even to try and move him over. The boys in blue were clearly outmatched both on the field and in the dugout . That said Joe Buck is so anti-Dodgers I watched the last 2 games on mute, like the pitcher said in the movie Major League “Up you butt JoBu.”

  25. Sure I’m biased as a life long Dodger fan, but Joe Buck was so anti Dodger it was pathetic. And it’s just not his baseball announcing. Listen to the way he does football, he’s terrible there too. If this is the best that Fox can do then there’s trouble down on the farm.

  26. Both Buck and Smoltz were so obvious in their bias against the Dodgers. They yakked on and on about the Red Sox but never really embraced the Dodgers in any way, shape, or form
    What Steve said here is so true it isn’t funny. Smoltz is an admitted Dodger hater and Buck’s love for a team comes out whenever the Giants are in the PS and WS. But as far as how the Dodgers performed in this WS certainly showed that the regular season obsession with that analytic platooning philosophy does not work in October baseball. A team to be successful has to adjust and do those things to manufacture runs. We saw how Red Sox had a great 2 strike approach that helped them win those 4 games, while the Dodger hitters struck out at every opportunity or so it appeared. Bottom line, no way should these 2 guys be allowed to broadcast games in the PS which involve the Dodgers, as the bias is SO OBVIOUS it isn’t funny!

  27. I can’t stand announcers who let their personal dislike of a city get in the way of his professionalism. He should keep that to himself and just call the stinking game. Get so tired of hearing negativity towards one team. Player makes a good play for the dodgers but all you hear joe Suck talk about is how good a hit it was. He needs to take pride in his work and go back and listen to , chick hearn, Vince Scully and Bob Miller play by play tapes. They were the announcers for the home L.A. teams but you would never know it cause they spoke highly of both teams. That’s why local announcers should call the games instead of network announcers.

  28. Joe Buck- In addition to being an all around dork, probably one of the worst baseball announcers ever. Yak yak yak about nothing and repetitious. You just have to keep the sound off when the game is on. Even my brother, a giant fan ( of all things!) couldn’t stand his series announcing–and he has to put up with Jon Miller

  29. He is a horrible announcer couldn’t stand listening to one game of his biased opinions during the World Series towards the Dodgers, be a professional you chump…go be an announcer for chicken racing. I seriously couldn’t listen to him so bad I had to wait till the game was over and watch the archived games on my MLB at bat app 90 minutes after the game was over = hours late from the rest of the world knowing the outcome. Couldn’t even have my cell or house phone on.

  30. Buck is horrible. Smoltz was spot on, on his review of how the Dodgers played, and lost. Any player should be embarrassed when they have the shift on them. The opposing team is daring them to hit to the empty area, and the fact that professional MLB players cannot hit to the opposite field during the WS is really bad. The only thing worse than Madson, was the decision to pitch this guy after his bad display.

  31. During the entire playoff season, it seemed that there wasn’t a single announcer who thought the Dodgers shouldn’t have been there. I don’t really think this was bias against the team, rather than the stagnant style of play from them…wait for the next homer, folks. I’ll admit I had plenty of doubts about the team during the regular season. Too many times, players did nothing with RISP. It was a very frustrating season for me as a life-time Dodgers fan to have to sit through.

  32. As Dodger fans, we were spoiled with the unbiased, professional, humble Vin Scully calling our games. It’s hard to hear another voice, especially when that voice is dripping with vehemence. I watched plenty of each game on Mute because I was hurt by the blatant disrespect for the club and fans coming from of Buck and Smoltz. Last year’s WS was the same. I don’t expect everyone to be unbiased, but at least be professional. What he actually said in this article isn’t wrong, we just don’t need to hear anymore from him.

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