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LA City Council Honors Former Dodgers’ Manager Tommy Lasorda

A former manager, and current legend, was honored by the Los Angeles City Council Friday morning.

Tommy Lasorda was recognized for his many contributions he had made towards the Los Angeles County area. The ceremony also served as a celebration for his birthday, that recently took place September 22nd, and another moment of appreciation for one of the most influential figures in Los Angeles sports history.

The former Dodgers skipper makes the age of 90 look great, and the fact that his health is still as good as his jokes makes the moment even more gratifying. Here’s what he had to say earlier accepting this honor from the city:

Thank you for the honor. May God bless each and every one of you — and if the Dodgers don’t win this time, I think I’m gonna kill myself.

That was obviously a joke, but it’s worth noting that the quote simply shows how much Lasorda’s love for the Dodgers will always run deep in his heart and soul. He’s the perfect example of what it means to bleed Dodger blue, and will forever remain an iconic figure in the eyes of Dodger fans forever.

Tommy knows a great team when he sees one. The Dodgers haven’t been proclaimed world champions ever since he was a manager, winning two World Series titles in 1981 and 1988. The legend has put a lot of stock into this team, and closer Kenley Jansen even claimed on behalf of the team that 2017 is the year they win it for Lasorda as a birthday present.

So happy birthday Tommy, we’re all hoping that this team caps off a wonderful Blue October run, and wins a World Series title for you as well.

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