LA Dodgers and Lakers Team to Support 2020 Title Hopes with ‘LATogether’

It’s October and with the MLB postseason and NBA playoffs underway, it offers an unprecedented opportunity for Dodgers and Lakers fans. First the first time ever, the two franchises are playing on the biggest stage at the same time, due to the pandemic pushing the Lake Show season back a few months. With that, we’ve had the enjoyment of the MLB/NBA double matchup once already, and it comes back tonight.

So while fans are excited, so too are the franchises who are teaming up to show support for one another online. As you’d imagine, fans couldn’t be happier about it.

The love between the franchises has always been apparent, with many prominent players usually showing up at the others’ games. But recently there have been some posts in the Twitter-verse from each side helping set up the October hashtag “LATogether.”

The Los Angeles Rams even got in on the action and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss is here for all of it.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that all this love between teams is just what LA needs after the past few years. It’s well documented that the Dodgers have gone 32 years since last bringing a World Series home to LA. For Lakers fans, while it hasn’t been as long, it’s been just about as painful as the purple and gold faithful have waited 10 years and counting to hoist another Larry O’Brien trophy.

Hopefully, this fuels the storied franchises all the way through championship titles.

Up Next

The Dodgers open the National League Division Series against the San Diego Padres tonight at 6:38 PM PT. The Lakers tip off in the NBA finals against the Miami Heat at 6 PM PT on ABC. Get the spare TVs set up!

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