LA Times Unveils the Top 20 Dodgers of All-Time

As with any list of the “Top 20”, I’m sure there will be some people who take issue with the LA Times’ most recent list ranking the top 20 Dodgers of all-time.

Then again, how hard can you argue with a list that begins with Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson and Vin Scully?

The list also includes names like Drysdale (#5), Fernando (#10), Hershiser (#12) and Piazza (#15) among others.

Somehow, Raul Mondesi didn’t make the list though…

With that glaring omission aside, what do people think of the list?

Initially, some wondered how Vin Scully could be anywhere but the No. 1 spot, but then again, Robinson and Koufax aren’t too shabby.

The list was compiled based on fan votes, made up of 12,231 fan ballots which determined the final 20.

In my opinion, it’s just splitting hairs to argue with the ranking of some of these guys, and so I’m fine with where the list stands today.

One interesting note, however, is that no franchise would face an issue like the Dodgers do when considering the cultural impact of certain players beyond their performance on the field.

Statistically, Jackie Robinson’s career numbers wouldn’t put him in the top 10, let alone top 2, of this list. Factoring in his impact, however,he’s a no-brainer who could have been even higher.

You have to wonder how a guy like Fernando was impacted by a similar metric — or even a guy who didn’t make the list, like Hideo Nomo.

Lastly, there’s obviously no current Dodgers on the list (in fact, Piazza in 1998 was the last guy on the list to play for the team), but you have to wonder which guys will crack this list 20 years from now.

Kershaw could very well find his place inside the top 5 if his career arc continues, and I think a guy like Matt Kemp is fully capable of sneaking inside the top 20 if he gets his act together.

But again, that’s just my thoughts. What are yours?

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