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Los Angeles Dodgers: Fans, Media & Players Express All Emotions and Reactions to Game 5 Disappointment

After Game 5 last night, a lot of emotions were flowing in the Dodgers Clubhouse with the shocking come back from the Washington Nationals.

The players reportedly met after the game and there were a lot of hugs and tears shed as there were amazing relationships built through this past season. With news that this might have been the last game for some players with this team or it might even be the last game of their careers, the disappointment felt across the clubhouse was shared amongst the fans:

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  1. Today Dodgers fans have the right to vent. Year after year Dodgers fans have been paying a premium on ticket prices and concessions without complaining. Over half of the residents in LA can’t watch Dodgers games on TV which is ridiculous. Repeated bad decisions in crucial situations by Dave Roberts had already cost the Dodgers two World Series, poorly managed bullpen decision now resulting an early exist in NLDS.

    Clayton Kershaw said it best: “Dodgers players have the right to celebrate winning the division after playing 162 games”. Fair Enough.

    Right Back At You Clayton Kershaw: “Dodgers fans have the right to vent after PAYING for 162 games. Dodgers fans earned the right to run you out of LA.”

  2. No use over reacting today. Let things simmer down and carefully make the changes that need to be made. We won a lot of games. That is not totally bad managing. Fundamentals we are lacking in play offs. Mentally not ready because of past experiences. Pros are expected to not think of past or future but focus on present. That being said all are human. Plenty of time to make changes and not do a knee jerk decision.

  3. I am NEVER going to another Dodgers game until Roberts is fired and replaced. Clearly the front office is okay with charging premium prices, but not hiring premium leadership.

  4. The Dodgers were doomed from the start by management. Dodgers management took a luke warm approach to winning the World Series the last couple of years. They traded for talent but never the right talent and never enough talent. Management wanted to have their cake (young players in the farm system) and to have other teams supplement the Dodgers staff for nothing. So, a luke warm approach. Clearly the Dodgers management doesn’t want to win now…they want to win 5 years from now with the young talent that they have saved by not trading some of them for better and more experienced talent from other teams to fill out their holes (late ending pitchers)…so great job management…Dodgers aren’t winning the World Series this year and probably aren’t winning it in 5 years from now.

    1. First of all, farm players are cheap, that’s why you’ll see so many. Dodgers don’t need to win a World Series because they have already won the one that counts…in the pocketbook. $8 billion from Time Warner (even if no one watches), season tickets sold, record breaking attendance. You think a massive group like Guggenheim bought the Dodgers for the love of the game? It’s buying cheap and selling high, i.e. hiring Friedman. Y’all keep thinking the owners cared like when the O’Malley’s owned the Dodgers. Put that out of your mind. This is a business, first and foremost.

  5. I’m a lifetime S.F. Giant’s Fan, so I know something about “gut punch” losses (and witnessing a 53 year streak of no WS Championships). But for anyone to blame last night’s loss on Kershaw only illustrates their complete lack of baseball acumen. The Giant’s won 3 WS in 5 years in large part because of their Skipper (Bruce Bochy) as he made so many excellent and critically decisive decisions with both the Bull Pen and hitting match-ups. Dave Roberts lost that game the moment he allowed Kershaw back on the filed after Kershaw did EXACTLY what he was initially supposed to do;GET ONE BATTER OUT!. It’s inexplicable to me how the Dodger’s have so much money to spend on the some of the best player’s in MLB, yet the head office’s choice’s time and time again for a Dodger Skipper’s is maligned beyond comprehension. I feel badly for the players and fans. But Dave Roberts needs to go and LA needs to find a Manager that knows how to coach in the Playoffs. It’s that simple.

  6. You will not print what I want to write about Joe Kelly and what he deserves, so I will say this: if Freidman, who overpaid him, and Roberts, who used him to lose game 5 last night, do not get rid of him, I’m done with Dodger Blue after 65 years.

    I also urge all Dodger fans to contact Freidman to get rid of Kelly, who ended the Dodger season back in 2013 with the cheating Cardinals and this year in one inning, which negated a whole season of 108 wins.

  7. ..before we say that we lost because of our bullpen, realize that the Dodgers just got beat in a five game series by a team with a worse bullpen…so bad, in fact, that the Nats essentially used only 6 pitchers for the whole series..that’s how bad the Nat’s pen was.

    Over 60 K’s in the five games! Who signed off on that?

    Go Dodgers!

  8. Having seen the Dodgers play since the early 1950s, I am used to these losses. This one hurts a bit more, however, because I wonder if we will ever win another in my life time. The number of wins this season was nice, but we were too close not to take it all. I remember when Gil Hodges was hitting so poorly in one WS that his priest offered him prayers from the pulpit. My only feeling now is the one we used to utter in Brooklyn, “Wait Til Next Year”. Go Blue!!!

    1. I think the entire Brooklyn response was “OH YEAH! WAIT’LL NEXT YEAR! Followed by a lot of language about the !@##%!@#!^#%@#!@$!$%!@ Yankees that would make a longshoreman blush.

      Like many of those Brooklyn teams this years Dodger club was a good ball club. It was NOT a great club and the weakness, obvious from before mid-season were not resolved by the FO, for reasons only they know. If the offense had put up 8 or 9 runs a game in the playoffs they could have won. The pitching was fading and Kershaw’s post season performance has always been far below his regular season. However, this year he was consistent in giving up runs early and by the long ball, regular season to the end. As for the bull pen, it was a coin toss bunch and it came up tails in game 5.

      Maybe next year they can fix the pitching problems, fix the managing problems and maybe the front office problems. Yeah, next year! Until then I’m going to go pound my fist into my very vintage Don Hoak infielders glove!

      1. Great post, Skoonj6!!!! Memories of Don Hoak are fantastic!!! I have an autographed pic of him charging off the field after a Brooklyn victory. We could have used Furillo during the series as well. Always great reading your posts. Go Blue!!!

    2. Well, I’ve tried again and again to understand and support some of Dave Roberts bonehead, sabermetrics moves, left vs. right, this pitching record vs. that pitching record, and staying with the wrong pitcher or hitter too long…but too many times a move he’s made, and I’ve second guessed, has validated my skepticism…and then the NLDS Game 5 BANNER BONEHEAD BLUNDER…send in Kershaw, who carried a postseason, post 6th inning E.R.A. of TWELVE PLUS!!!!…it is definitely time for Dave Roberts to go when every fan on the planet can foresse the folly of that move!…well, with his modern day analytics, and a frozen offense, they have definitely recalled an “vintage day” heartbreak saying…”wait til next year, DEM BUMS!”….

  9. Astros just scored 4 runs in the first all from base hits. No HRs. Contact. Imagine that…..

  10. Why not let Honeycutt handle pitching decisions? He’s more qualified in these matters than the manager. While we’re at it, hire a hitting coach instead of a strikeout coach. Go Blue 2020!!

  11. Robert’s should be replaced!! Sorry, he is a lousy manager. After 4 years managing he has lost two World Series and cant get back to it. He makes too many bad decisions and doesn’t know how to manage.

  12. Bellinger, Seager and Pollock went 7 for 52 with 26 strikeouts and 0 rbi’s. Dodgers struck out 64 times in 5 games while none of the other teams registered even 50. Shows we need to add a contact hitter or two.

    1. And we blame Kershaw? That is wrong. Kershaw gave up the 2 homers. Our bats missed out on many times that.

  13. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a “great clubhouse” the Dodgers have. How about we go find some crappy clubhouse guys that can win a World Series! The Dodgers won 2 WS in the 80’s with guys that barely spoke to each other.

  14. You remember when it was reported that players said that the Puig trade was “addition by subtraction” because he was bad in the clubhouse? Well Puig probably wouldn’t have gone 0-13 with 11 K’s like his replacement Pollock? But hey, Pollock was a great clubhouse guy!

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