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Los Angeles Dodgers One of the Most Hated Teams on Twitter

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been one of the most successful franchises in Major League Baseball, reaching the post-season for 6 consecutive times and considered by many as one of the favorites to win it all this year.

The last two seasons have included trips to the World Series where the Dodgers have faced a Houston Astros team playing for a city recently demolished by Hurricane Harvey and a Boston Red Sox team playing with the support of the entire ESPN staff.

Add together all the success and the relative hate towards anything LA-LA land related and you have a recipe for a lot of hate, especially when you go to the digital cesspool known as twitter. For those of you who don’t use twitter, you have to have very tough skin to survive. The goal for many is to tear people down until they get off twitter or are affected in real life. Need an example? Try doing a search for Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman “critics.”

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Look, Twitter can be a great place, so don’t get us wrong. We have been doing twittercast play by plays of the games for the last 7 years and have met a great deal of people on twitter who have been class acts with amazing feedback on the games. It’s like a giant sports bar when we all get to hear each other’s emotional roller coaster through out a game.

But it’s still twitter and you’re going to hear the voices of people who know they can hide behind their digital avatars more so than others. According to the LA Times:

“tweets with phrases such “I hate [insert team]” were counted. According to the map, the most hated team, overwhelmingly, was the Yankees, taking 28 out of the 50 states. The Dodgers were the third-most-hated MLB team and took the unwelcome honor in five states in the Southwest, Rocky Mountains and Midwest.”

  • Yankees – 28 states
  • Cubs – 8 states
  • Dodgers – 5 states
  • St. Louis Cardinals – 4 states
  • New York Mets – 4 states
  • Red Sox – 1 state
Leave a comment and let us know if one of these teams make your most hated list. If not, we’re going to take a wild guess and say it might be a team from San Francisco.

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  1. OMG! Frisco. You hit it right on the noggin. But I don’t hate them…I despise them.

  2. I’m on Twitter i don’t get much hate most my tweets are Dodger related i assume bc i stay within the Dodger Twitter fam, funny thing as a Dodger fan i know we are to hate the Giants the most bc of the history and rivalry i personally hate the Angels the most i cant stand them. They don’t really have a fan base on Twitter like the bigger market teams. I’m not suprised to se the Dodgers hated successful teams are always hated i take it as a compliment.

  3. I don’t hate, I just love my Dodgers!! ??????
    I do dislike the Yankees VERY much!!!!!!!
    I’m from So Cal and live in Utah now. I always have been and always will be a Dodgers fan. Yes, I do bleed blue!! ??????

  4. I live in Michigan but, the Dodgers and the Tigers are my teams. I lived in L.A. County for 2 years as a boy and have loved the Dodgers ever since. The Great Lakes farm team plays a half hour away from me.
    I understand the Dodger hate in Ariz. but those other states…kind of random.
    My baseball “hate” is for the Yankees, Giants and Indians. I am not sure why the Cards are disliked so much in Michigan…must be from the Cubbie fans in southwest Mich.

  5. It’s a badge of honor, like the Patriots and years gone by Lakers and Celtics – people hate winners and will trash them whenever possible until it becomes their team.

  6. I was brought in a Dodger fan family and was taught who the Dodger’s real enemy team is…the Giants. But as far as other teams, I hate the Dback’s announcers because of their over whelming bias and their own hate for the Dodgers, making fun of our players, insulting them and the team every chance they get to open their stupid pie holes!

  7. Who the Twitter really care what Dodger haters think.
    Right now their the best, get over it. Be kind.

  8. dodgers should leave bells at 1b muncey 2b seager ss te=urner 3b taylor Pederson lf pollock cf Verdugo rf will smith c….and trade for will smit or vacquez relief .

  9. I live in SC and do not use Twitter or any social media. I have been a Dodgers fan since before there was even an Atlanta Braves team. I do not see the Mets hate but must be the braves fans. Nevertheless I would most likely dump a beer on Giants fan than any other fan!

  10. As a lifelong Dodger Fan, I have always and will always cheer loudly for every team playing the Giants! I don’t use the word hate but I have a very strong dislike for Giants. I Bleed Blue…Dodger Blue

  11. Cardinals! I hate the Cardinals! To my core I hate the Cardinals. I hate their players. I hate their fans. I hate the city. Their state. The beer. I hate them all. ? hate em.

  12. Those two jokers that are on fox sports Arizona announcing Dback
    Games, Are Dodger haters. VERY CHILDISH…….

  13. Ha, ha, been a Dodger fan since ’68 or since I was 12.
    My comment: never take pro sports, any sports, of any kind, too seriously.
    Enjoy it for what it is and spend your time and thoughts, prudently.?

  14. I’ve hated the Giants since 1958, their first season in SF. I tried to get Willie Mays autograph after he came out to the Giants dressing room door. I was ten. He knocked me on my ass in the gravel parking lot and kept on walking.

  15. Honestly, there is no team that I hate. I simply love our Dodgers!!! However, there are some teams’ fan bases that I cannot stand e.g, the Giants-loving, fevered-pitched, fans hysterically chanting ” Beat LA!” And I oftentimes find the Giants’ announcers’, as well as D-back announcers’, commentary absurdly ridiculous (given both teams’ standings.) But usually by mid-season, after they start to realize their teams are not going anywhere post-season, I find that the announcers are typically eating humble pie and less offensive towards the Dodgers. Regardless of what any haters want to say on air or write on Twitter, the Dodgers are a great team, so whatever…. Hopefully, we will be able to laugh all the way through post season with a ring to show for it. GO DODGERS!!!

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