Los Angeles Dodgers Top 5 Plays of the Week!

The Los Angeles Dodgers put on a show this past week. With highly anticipated returns, incredible outfield catches, and plenty of home runs, fans had their eyes glued to the games. In all this excitement, we want to countdown the top five plays of the week!

#5  All eyes were on the mound this week as we saw the return of Clayton Kershaw and Andre Ethier. Kershaw’s minor league start created a lot of talk indicating he was back…with a vengeance. Yet, his performance against the Miami Marlins was a little rocky. He gave up a home run to the Marlins catcher in the first inning then proceeded to allow another run. But he did make history by being the first pitcher in MLB history to reach 150 strikeouts before walking 10 batters.

#4  Joc Pederson showed off his tumbling skills against the Marlins when he rolled and slid to catch Marcell Ozunas line drive to center field. Not to mention, he showed off his stylish hat hair!

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#3 Joc Pederson crushed two solo homers, followed by Corey Seager and Justin Turner who went back-to-back in the 6th to score five runs! These plays resulted in a 5-0 win against the Marlins.

#2 Yasiel Puig  went full scorpion to catch a fly ball in deep left field. Third baseman, Martin Prado, tried to get a run off Rich Hill, but to no avail thanks to Puig’s speed!

#1  And of course, the number one play of the week is the almost perfect game by Rich Hill! Through seven innings, the Marlins hitters tried to end it, but the Dodgers were not willing to give it up! Hill was six outs away from throwing a perfect game but manager, Dave Roberts, decided to pull him after 89 pitches. Joe Blanton relieved Hill, but Marlins outfielder Jeff Francoeur ended the Dodgers’ perfect game with a single in the eighth. Heres what Dave Roberts, Rick Honeycutt, and Rich Hill had to say about it!

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  1. Puig’s catch was my favorite.  Too bad he won’t be a Dodger at this time, next year.

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